T.R. Noble, My Mission / Contact Me

I write to reach out to the individual.

For those who have read my work, I thank you and am grateful. This world has a darkened view of who God is and often believers misrepresent who Jesus Christ as well. My calling is to write, rebuke, and encourage.

God has called me to be a writer since I was thirteen. I am answering His call by preparing myself and standing upon a foundation that is entirely made up of Him. My passion and care as a writer is toward the reader. The writing world is fascinating, but my focus is on how to talk to the reader as an individual. This is my goal as a vessel.

I have spent four years so far preparing to write a Christian Fantasy book series. I’ve completed writing three novels in preparation and have started my fourth which I intend to be my first book of my series.

In order to grow, we must share experiences. It is not fair to not witness and not bear testimony of Jesus Christ when we are called to do so. God has given me the pen as my Aaron.

Peace be upon you all. If you hear Him call, please answer swiftly.

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If you would like to contact me, my email is noblewriter77@yahoo.com


37 thoughts on “T.R. Noble, My Mission / Contact Me

  1. Am glad i finally found what i have been looking for a long time. It’s more like an answered prayers. Keep it up. It’s more like we share something in Common. WRITING. I love to write. Am also working on several Christian literature yet to be publish… Keep the Fire burning….

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    1. That is such a blessing to hear! If you enjoy Christian poetry or illustration, I also have some posts with those of my work. I believe we need more Christian Fantasy which is what I am working on : ) . You keep the flame burning as well.

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  2. ‘God has given me the pen as my Aaron.’
    That’s such a lovely thought. I had never seen it that way. It’ so inspiring. Thank you for writing. Thank you for responding to God’s call. Let your word go forth and produce life wherever it travels.

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  3. Your novels sound interesting, would you be willing/able to give a brief synopsis? I’m a writer myself and a big reader, but I mostly read non-fiction. However, perhaps Christian fiction is something it would be cool to explore 🙂

    Peace and blessings, Steven 🙏🏻

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    1. At this time, no because I’m into the early stages of writing the first book. The novels were all prequels different characters to help me get to know their back-story and how I wanted them to sound written down. So everything that happened in the novels with individual characters will be gradually woven into the series when they meet each other. What I can say is I want my book series to be able to draw the reader a better picture of faith. I want my characters to have a tie to my God and Jesus characters. These things you don’t really see for Christian fiction, let alone Christian fantasy. I want to be able to tell a story based on something God gave me when I was four years old, an imaginary world I created. I wanted to expand the story and its characters and have it be something I could give back to God as a crown. It’s my hope what once gave me comfort long ago, could provide comfort and advice to someone else. 🙂

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      1. T.R., after reading and praying and thinking about Christian fan tasy for many years, one thing stands out clearly, that we should never design characters that represent God and His Son. We will be presenting “another jesus.” I hope and pray that you will understand! You will only misrepresent Him. It doesn’t matter what Lewis seems to have done.

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      2. I totally understand what you mean, but my character are, as you said, representations. I’m not saying this IS Jesus or this IS God. Rather, these characters represent who He is. My goal is that people consider to going to the real source and having a true relationship with Him. There is only one True God and one True Christ.


  4. Jesus used parables to represent Himself and God. The parables weren’t always for nonbelievers. This is also the direction I have with my series. There is a lot of hidden symbolism.

    Also, my God and Jesus character are not named God and Jesus because, as we both stated, there is only True God and Christ. Should the characters not exist in the story, there’s no point. I want these two characters to stand out, and have it be understood what true faith is. True faith takes a real relationship with Christ. God does answer us in different ways, if we seek Him. Sometimes people need various means to be reached out to, and I believe the way I am going about this is okay. I’ve had multiple Christians read my test runs, and all have been accepting of the work.

    I appreciate the concern, and I’ve been using the Bible as well for direction the story will go.

    As for the representation, I’m not saying how I depict the characters is exactly how God is like, and there will be no such idea enforced. God is so much more than what a simple story can give. When I say representation, I mean a reader can look at the story, and be like, “Oh, so this is the God character, and this is the Jesus character.” But these characters do not represent the being and strong Spirit of both Christ and God.

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  5. Hey I just wanted to say that you’re doing a great job with this blog. I write with a blog called DailyPS; we have over 70 Christian authors writing on our website – so I see a lot of them. Yours is one of the best. Great job with the consistency and impacting people for the name of Jesus!

    If you’re ever looking for more places to share content check us out. http://www.DailyPS.com. No pressure, I really just wanted to send some encouragement!

    Regards, Alex (https://dailyps.com)

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    1. I do not know if you are writing me or T. R. Noble, but I thank you for your kind offer and must say no thank. It is enough to keep up with this blog the Lord has entrusted me with, and I must take responsibility for it.

      Please that I am praying for you and each of your writers, as well as the blog!

      In Love with Christ, MissGail John 14:27 KJV



  6. I really liked your post when you said, “In order to grow, we must share experiences. It is not fair to not witness and not bear testimony of Jesus Christ when we are called to do so”

    Sometimes, sharing experiences can be through stories, blog posts, leadership, or anything that we can use that will give testimony to God and all that He has done in our lives.

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