About T.R. Noble

Inside Cup is a blog I have created to strengthen, encourage and push other believers. It is meant to speak out on topics we struggle with and deal with convictions in order to move forward. I also write to reach out to any individual.

If you are willing to freely choose to read my work, I thank you and am grateful. This world has a darkened view of who God is and often believers misrepresent who Jesus Christ as well. My calling is to write, rebuke, and encourage.

God has called me to be a writer since I was thirteen. I am answering His call by preparing myself and standing upon a foundation that is entirely made up of Him. My passion and care as a writer is toward the reader. The writing world is fascinating, but my focus is on how to talk to the reader as an individual. This is my goal as a vessel.

I have spent four years so far preparing to write a Christian Fantasy book series.

Update: I’ve completed writing my three novels in preparation, and working on the first book as we speak.

In order to grow, we must share experiences. It is not fair to not witness and not bear testimony of Jesus Christ when we are called to do so. God has given me the pen as my Aaron.

Peace be upon you all. If you hear Him call, please answer swiftly.

~T. R. Noble

You can find me here as well

My other blog: Peeking Beneath The Rock

My Twitter:  T.R. Noble Twitter

My Facebook: T.R. Noble Facebook

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