5 Things That Stumble Me Up As A Believer

As much as we are accountable to our own walk with Christ, we are accountable to each other. I thought I would be honest and talk about things that stumble me up as a believer. Those who are meant to strengthen and encourage us can also stumble us. When Believers Don't Include You/Use You This… Continue reading 5 Things That Stumble Me Up As A Believer

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Temptation | Believer 101

First off, this post isn't just for new believers. Everyone should read this. This is post is a Reader Request and quite a good one. The question I received was, "How to avoid temptation?" I went through looking at scriptures, trying to break down temptation. There are a lot of components to it. The word sounds… Continue reading Temptation | Believer 101


Midweek Inspiration | We All Have A Part

Ever feel like the youngest sibling who watches all of his older brothers and sisters have this awesome power of "responsibilities?" We don't fully understand the task set in the hands of others. But we watch, and as we continue to observe, we wonder, "Why can't I be part of the mission?" "Why am I… Continue reading Midweek Inspiration | We All Have A Part

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Alphabet Devotional | “B”

Last week's letter was, "A," and the two words of the week were astound and ascend. There were a number of comments in which many of you shared your "A" words. I'd let to share some. My Way Home Life said, "I immediately thought of Eph. 3:20...There’s a bunch of great “a” words in there:… Continue reading Alphabet Devotional | “B”

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Numbers (4) Pt. 4 | Harlotry To Baal- End (Ch. 25-36)

Overview of today's post. Israel turns against God again, census, offerings, war, and some new regulations. Turning to Baal And Prostitution Ch.25- This beings with unpleasantness. A number of people (tons of thousands) turned to harlotry with the people of Moab. (Definition of harlotry: prostitution) Not only did they play the harlot, but they also sacrificed… Continue reading Numbers (4) Pt. 4 | Harlotry To Baal- End (Ch. 25-36)