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Alphabet Devotional | S

I was overjoyed with the amazing feedback everyone came up with for last week's letter, "S". Here were some of what you shared. 🙂 Biblebloggergirl said, "Relinquish- we have to give it all to Him!" Mia, shared a number of awesome words and scriptures. Way to go, Mia! Here is one of her responses I… Continue reading Alphabet Devotional | S

Song Sunday

Song Sunday | Define Me

I do not usually listen to songs that talk about the devil. Often times songs tend to somewhat aggressive toward Satan and insulting. The arcangel Michael wasn't even accusative of Satan. There is just no point to get that passionate. It is not about our power, but the power of Christ in us. Never forget that.… Continue reading Song Sunday | Define Me

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When I’ve Needed Encouragement | Life Update/Chat

This post is not my typical Thursday's post. I've had some ideas on what to write, but I also have been feeling tired. I may push the post I'm thinking of for next week, it ties to the poem I shared yesterday. Related Post | Midweek Inspiration | I Regret Nothing I just wanted to take… Continue reading When I’ve Needed Encouragement | Life Update/Chat

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Midweek Inspiration | I Regret Nothing

(When I started writing was meant to be one thing. And then I started seeing Jesus speaking to me, so I opened my heart. I suppose this could be (my) midweek inspiration. I hope it speaks to you, too.)  He was there for everything. When I flew high He heard my cry. Rushed to… Continue reading Midweek Inspiration | I Regret Nothing

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Alphabet Devotional | R

Last week, I was so impressed with everyone's creativeness with the letter Q. Sue Love said, "Quantitative and Qualitative – something measured by the quantity and the quality of it. Quantity – extent, amount, degree. Quality – excellence, worth, character. In our relationships with our Lord, our Lord desires from us both quantity and quality. He… Continue reading Alphabet Devotional | R