Midweek Inspiration | Pumpkin & Simple

Pumpkins do not take much to become decor or a satisfying meal (seeds or pie). I feel like plain pumpkins are symbolic against the world of vanity. Like, carved pumpkins clearly are for catching the attention of someone. But a plain pumpkin? Well, if used for decor it's appearance is enough. A plain pumpkin doesn't… Continue reading Midweek Inspiration | Pumpkin & Simple


Heads Up | Thanksgiving (Break In Schedule)

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know today's Bible Summary will be scheduled to next Saturday, November 25th, and Alphabet Devotional will be scheduled to the next Monday, November 27th. I still have a post for Monday though 😉 Sunday, Tuesday & Wednesday schedule will remain the same. Thursday is optional right now, as… Continue reading Heads Up | Thanksgiving (Break In Schedule)

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And Then The Beast Appeared | Dream Experience (8)

Following last week's dream Her Name Was Wreck | Dream Experience (7) this was the next dream I had. I actually looked up scripture for this dream, and nothing that I'm going to say in regards to my dream is separate from scripture. So if this topic truly interests you go to scripture ❤ Revelations Ch.… Continue reading And Then The Beast Appeared | Dream Experience (8)

Random · Relationship with Christ

Prompted From Self & Not God To Rebuke Another

I continually push back the post, "What is Faith | Believer 101." One day I will write it, but this is the third week something else has been pressed upon me to write. In fact, what I am writing now, clearly was not the first idea (see above) and no, it wasn't the second idea… Continue reading Prompted From Self & Not God To Rebuke Another