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The Hand That Chisels

In joy, the sun-kissed skies dance along the waves of grass. I am free, as the wind blows. The days are short and pass. In darkness, the rain weeps down.Loudly pounding the ground.I am chained and broken.The days are long and nights longer. In bliss, I am merry. In darkness, I am consumed. In light,… Continue reading The Hand That Chisels

My Life

My Contact Page Has Been Updated

As some of you know, there are a lot of changes taking place on the blog. One of the changes related to many of my pages that are no longer available. While my contact page has been available, most of it was heavily edited, and I needed to add information to it. I can say… Continue reading My Contact Page Has Been Updated

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Sunshine In The Heart (Charles Spurgeon)

Spurgeon is one of my favorite Reformers. He has a ton of powerful quotes, and more importantly, they give glory and credit to God. Listening to this one was definitely a blessing in timing. Spurgeon makes the point that the spirit God places within us delights in Him. The human nature is what struggles to… Continue reading Sunshine In The Heart (Charles Spurgeon)

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Can Christians Celebrate Halloween? | Alan (Polite Leader) & Allen Parr (The Beat)

A month ago, I shared Mike Winger’s vid “A pastor shares his thoughts on Halloween.” Mikes’ video was much longer than the two I am going to share today. I tried to pick videos in which some new things are added to the discussion. Alan from Polite Leader often discusses false teaching and critiques contemporary… Continue reading Can Christians Celebrate Halloween? | Alan (Polite Leader) & Allen Parr (The Beat)

Bible Study

Should We Use Our Emotions As Truth?

How do emotions get the best of us? While the Lord certainly created emotions and they have a good purpose for our lives, we can abuse what the Lord has given us. We can use emotions to affirm what we want to believe is the truth instead of God’s word. We can let the truth… Continue reading Should We Use Our Emotions As Truth?

Bible Study

Do I Have To Talk About Jesus On Every Post (Edited & Updated 10/11/2021)

Hi all, I am still working through privating and editing posts on this blog. Over half are now privated, there are less than 500 posts published, currently. That number will probably go down some more. (I’ve written over 1,000 posts.) I’ve reached year 2019. Some of these posts might be easier to edit. I have… Continue reading Do I Have To Talk About Jesus On Every Post (Edited & Updated 10/11/2021)

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Dangers Of A Distorted Gospel (John MacArthur)

The Gospel frees us from the burden of sin and the guilt that comes with it. But a false gospel will not set us free. It will put us in bondage, and keep us in bondage. People also have misunderstandings in believing they have to be under a legalistic gospel. Pastor John MacArthur shares the… Continue reading Dangers Of A Distorted Gospel (John MacArthur)

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Enneagram Hidden Truth (Marcia Montenegro)

I was completely unfamiliar with the Enneagram until I started hearing about it from a Christian YouTuber I watched. On the light side of the Enneagram, it’s presented harmless, like a personality test. But the reality is the enneagram has dark origins and it is something that no Christian needs to partake of. There are… Continue reading Enneagram Hidden Truth (Marcia Montenegro)


Community Prayer | October ’21

Let’s finish 2021 with praise! If you have an answered prayer SHARE BELOW and I’ll add them each month to the list. 🙂 Let’s praise also, while we pray!  This post is updated, sometimes daily, please check-in for updates, answered prayers, and for continued prayer over the requests. Thank you! Let’s work together on prayer… Continue reading Community Prayer | October ’21

Bible Study

The Most Misused Passage In The Book – Romans 2:1-16 (Mike Winger)

Romans 2 often is used as a weapon to shut down those who judge, even righteously. The chapter is also used by false teachers to promote we can save ourselves by our works. Are we not to judge? Can people be saved by their own works? Mike Winger dives into chapter 2 of Romans and… Continue reading The Most Misused Passage In The Book – Romans 2:1-16 (Mike Winger)