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In a couple of posts, I’ve discussed the importance of reading the Bible. Which later God led me to further explore and start a series of summaries of the books of the Bible. On this page, you can find all sorts of posts I’ve written and the ongoing Bible Summaries.

Post| New Series Coming | Introduction To The Bible– how God led me my heart to start writing summaries of the books of the Bible. 

How to Study & Apply The Bible

I hope to encourage everyone that it is possible to understand the Bible, its history, its people, and above all God’s plan and purpose. You just have to start.

Post | Why You Need To Read The Bible – the importance of Bible study is covered, and how it affects us as a Christian.

  • Interested Into Biblical Topics Like Salvation, End Of Times, Sin, Baptism – See This Page Believer Handbook


Tip: Especially for the Old Testament, it is helpful to read the books in order. God’s people have a lot of ups and down. When they fail to follow God there are times they are in captivity because of their sin and disobedience. It can be confusing when reading back and forth in the Old Testament.

Tip: If you can, try to have a notebook handy to jot down thoughts, summaries of your own, and favorite scriptures as you read your Bible.

All books of the Bible (with multiple parts) have a review timeline at the end of each summary.

READING IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER? – If you would like to read the timeline of the Bible in order, I highly recommend you check out this website that takes great detail in what to read in what parts of each book to go in order. The Bible In Chronological Order

Or Bible Hub has the Old Testament and New Testament Timelines into two parts separately. I noticed other the source did not list Matthew 26, so I recommend comparison to make sure you are covering all chapters of every book.

Old Testament Timeline

New Testament Timeline


Old Testament

  • Books Of Israel’s Beginnings (Genesis – Deuteronomy)

2 Samuel copy 2.png


2 Samuel copy 3.png


2 Samuel copy 4.png


2 Samuel copy 5.png


2 Samuel copy 6.png


2 Samuel (2).png


2 Samuel (4).png


2 Samuel (5).png


2 Samuel (5) copy.png

1 Samuel

2 Samuel (5)

2 Samuel

-posts yet to be written for Old Testament (I have some for New)

  • Poetry Books (Job – Songs Of Solomon)

2 Samuel (5)

(Ch.1 ) God Laughs At Those Against Jesus, The Messiah

2 Samuel (6)

(Ch. 1)Desperately Seek Wisdom

  • Five Major Prophets (Isaiah – Daniel)
  • 12 Minor Prophets (Hosea – Malachi)

New Testament

  • The Gospels (Matthew – John)

2 Samuel copy.png

Matthew, Mark, Luke, John


  • History Of The Christian Church (Acts)
  • Pauline Epistles (Romans – Philemon)
  • Epistle To Jewish Christians (Hebrews)
  • Seven Letters To Christians (James – Revelations)
  • (Updated 08/01/2019)

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