Bible Study & Summarieies

In a couple of posts, I’ve discussed the importance of reading the Bible.

In my series, How to Study The Bible, this began a seed God started to plan with me on encouraging other believers in Bible study and understanding. You can check out the series below.

Part. 1- Bible Summary

Part. 2-Prayer Before Reading

Part. 3- Learning Scripture

Part. 4- Applying Scripture Directly To Our Life

Also in this post, Why You Need To Read The Bible | Believer 101 the importance of Bible study is covered, and how it affects us as a Christian.

Which was a result of this post/series’ inspiration, New Series Coming | Introduction To The Bible

God has placed in my heart the desire to go through all the books of the Bible, and gradually write up blog post summaries of each book.

I want to encourage everyone that it is possible to understand the Bible, its history, its people, and above all God’s plan and purpose. You just have to start.

Tip: Especially for the Old Testament, it is helpful to read the books in order. God’s people have a lot of ups and down.When they fail to follow God there are times they are in captivity because of their sin and disobedience. It can be confusing when reading back and forth in the Old Testament.

All books of the Bible have a review timeline at the end of each summary.

Old Testament

Books Of Israel’s Beginnings (Genesis – Deuteronomy)



Genesis (1) Pt. 1 | Creation – Isaac & Rachel Ch. 1- 25

Genesis (1) Pt. 2 | Esau & Jacob – Joseph (End) Ch. 25-End



Exodus (2) Pt. 1 | Aftermath of Famine – Crossing Red Sea Ch. 1 – 15

Exodus (2) Pt. 2 | Mana – Rules For Tabernacle Ch. 15-31

Exodus (2) Pt. 3 | Golden Calf – End Ch. 32- end



Leviticus (3) Pt. 1 | Offerings Ch. 1 -Childbirth Ch. 12

Leviticus (3) Pt. 2 | Body Cleanliness Ch. 15 – Festivals- God’s Promise (End)



Numbers (4) Pt. 1 | Introduction – Ch. 10 Leaving Mt. Sinai

Numbers (4) Pt. 2 | Ch. 11 Kill Me, Lord – Ch. 14 Can’t Enter

Numbers (4) Pt. 3 | Offerings – Balaam The Prophet (Ch.15-24)

Numbers (4) Pt. 4 | Harlotry To Baal- End (Ch. 25-36)



Deuteronomy (5) Pt. 1 | Review, Kings Can’t Have Multiple Wives? (Ch. 1-22)

Deuteronomy (5) Pt. 2 | Laws, Moses Dies (Ch. 23- End)

Historical Books (Joshua – Esther)



Joshua (6) | Begin The Promise Land Journey (Ch. 1-6)

Joshua (6) Pt. 2 | Sun Stands Still – God FulFills His Promise (Ch.7-End)



Judges (7) Pt. 1 | Wickedness – A Woman Is Called As A Judge (Ch.1-5)

Judges (7) Pt. 2 | Gideon – Death of Gideon (Ch.6-8)

Judges (7) Pt. 3 | Abimelech – Jephthah’s Sacrifice (Ch.9-12)

Judges (7) Pt. 4 | Life Of Samson (Ch.13-16)

Judges (7) Pt. 5 | Micah’s Carved Image – Fall Of Bejamintes (Ch.17-End)



—(posts yet to be written)

Poetry Books (Job – Songs Of Solomon)

Five Major Prophets (Isaiah – Daniel)

12 Minor Prophets (Hosea – Malachi)

New Testament

The Gospels (Matthew – John)

History Of The Christian Church (Acts)

Pauline Epistles (Romans – Philemon)

Epistle To Jewish Christians (Hebrews)

Seven Letters To Christians (James – Revelations)

(Updated 12/09/2017)

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