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Check here for the weekly schedule, and particular series that I’ve covered in this blog.

Weekly Series

SundaysSong Sunday– Each Sunday a new song covered by a Christian artist or band is introduced. If you would like a playlist of recommendations of songs, please click here.

Mondays- Alphabet Devotionals – Each Monday, a letter of the alphabet is selected. Two words of that letter choice are picked, defined, and an explanation is given how these words apply to our daily walk with Christ.

Tuesdays– Scripture Pieces- Each Tuesday a shorter post with an encouraging scripture is given, along with positive words.

WednesdaysMidweek Inspiration– A mix between scripture pieces or encouraging quotes. A short lesson, piece of advice, or positive inspiring post to give encouragement throughout the rest of the week.

Thursdays– In Depth Piece (Usually Bible Study/Devotionals) These pieces are meant to teach, guide, inspire, convict, inform, and encourage our walk with Christ. Depending on the topic the post may be deeper in material, and conviction on what we need to work on as a believer in Christ. Regardless, these pieces are written to be uplifting, no matter the subject, including sin, or difficult pieces to talk about. Christ will always allow another way, forgiveness, and strength. These are the days you will most often see Believer 101 posts as well.

Fridays– Open. Sometimes blogger awards, milestones, thought provoking posts, or anything else that doesn’t have a slot during the week.

SaturdaysBible Summary– For the next several months, on Saturdays there will be posts regarding each book of the Bible. They will go in chronological order starting with Genesis all the way thru to Revelations. Each book of the Bible may be broken up into two to three posts each, depending on length.

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Believer 101

Series has its own page, click here. Topics cover questions new believers, or those curious about Christianity may have. Topics also cover crucial parts of our walk with Christ. It is by no means only a series for new believers, but everyone.

Layers Of Prayer

Layer 1- Outer Layer

Layer 2- Inner Layer

Layer 3- Outer Soul

Layer 4- Inner Soul

How To Study The Bible 

Part 1- Bible Summary (Understanding)

Part 2- Prayer (Focus On God)

Part 3- Learning Scripture

Part 4- Applying Scripture

Dream Experiences 

Click first post here-  Know that I am God

~T. R. Noble