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You Can Expect The Week To Look A Little Like This

SundaysSong Sunday– Each Sunday a new song covered by a Christian artist or band is introduced. If you would like a playlist of recommendations of songs, please click here.

Mondays (Every Other Week)- Alphabet Devotionals – Each Monday, a letter of the alphabet is selected. Two words of that letter choice are picked, defined, and an explanation is given how these words apply to our daily walk with Christ.

-Sometimes another post may appear instead. 🙂

Tuesdays– Scripture Pieces- Each Tuesday a shorter post with an encouraging scripture is given, along with positive words.

-Tuesdays are also subject to change as well. But even if the post is different than what I usually write on Tuesdays, often times the post will be paired with a scripture.

WednesdaysMidweek Inspiration– A mix of scripture pieces or encouraging quotes. A short lesson, piece of advice, or positive inspiring post to give encouragement throughout the rest of the week.

-Sometimes, I may share Midweek Thoughts, which is a more personal post on what has been going on in my life.

Thursdays– In-Depth Piece (Usually Bible Study/Devotionals) These pieces are meant to teach, guide, inspire, convict, inform, and encourage our walk with Christ.

Depending on the topic the post may be deeper in the material. Regardless, these pieces are written to be uplifting, no matter the subject, including sin, or difficult pieces to talk about. Christ will always allow another way, forgiveness, and strength.

These are the days you will most often see Believer 101 posts as well.

Fridays– Open. Sometimes blogger awards, milestones, thought-provoking posts, or anything else that doesn’t have a slot during the week.

SaturdaysBible Summary– For the next several months, on Saturdays, there will be posts regarding each book of the Bible. They will go in chronological order starting with Genesis all the way thru to Revelations. Each book of the Bible may be broken up into two to three posts each, depending on length.

-Sometimes other posts will appear, and I do not post every Saturday, as these posts are also in depth.

Community Involvement (Cause you’re important too!)

Toward the beginning and the ending of every month, I have some posts that are meant to encourage everyone.

Beginning Of Month Posts You Will See

Month Scripture– This scripture I will be focusing on for the selected month, and I encourage anyone to join me.

Community Prayer Request– This post is updated with requests from the community so we can all lift each other up.

(depending on when the new month starts, sometimes they will occur right at the end of the month. I like to have most of these posts all in the same week if possible.)

Ending Of Month Posts You Will See

Reflection Of Month Scripture- I talk about what insight God has given me in regards to the selected scripture of the month.

Community Answered Prayers– This post shares any answered prayer updates that I’ve received from the community.

Community Spotlight– This post shares all the posts of the past month that other bloggers have written that spoke to me.

Updated 03/23/2018

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If you are interested in learning about how to figure out your own blog schedule, I’ve written a post about this on my second blog, Peeking Beneath. You can check out the post here.

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