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Three Gifts Of The Wise Men & Significance To Christ’s Crucifixion 

Three gifts with deep symbolism. Gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Laid at the feet of a Child. What is the significance? Why the Holy Child? The birth of Jesus was one many were looking for. A Messiah, Redeemer, and Savior to come. But the King many expected arrived in swaddling cloths. I've been wanting to cover… Continue reading Three Gifts Of The Wise Men & Significance To Christ’s Crucifixion 

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God Asks What Solomon Desires In A Dream

I did not catch that God asked Solomon what he wanted in a dream before, which if you are familiar with my blog and dreams, you'll understand my surprise. Anyhow, today we are going to cover the scripture in which Solomon receives the gift of wisdom. A lot of people are familiar that Solomon was… Continue reading God Asks What Solomon Desires In A Dream

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Healing & Miracles

Another set of conversational spiritual gifts. I really thought I would be able to cover these two when I covered tongues, but the last post took up a lot of space. So I decided to break them. I'm going to repeat just a few things if you didn't hear me say it before. We must… Continue reading Healing & Miracles

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Sleeping With The Enemy & Cheating On Christ

Revelation in Proverbs? YUP! In the Bible, adultery is talked about quite a bit. We see people tempted with sexual desire and turn away. But it is important to understand adultery does not only have to relate to sexual desire. For true believers of Jesus, they, the Church, are the Bride to Christ, the Groom.… Continue reading Sleeping With The Enemy & Cheating On Christ

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Are You Praying… Out Loud?

Recently, a friend and I talked about why it is important to pray out loud to God. There was a question asked that was veiled in concern, "Well, since we could reveal things in prayer should we not say it out loud so the enemy doesn't hear us?" I think a lot of people share… Continue reading Are You Praying… Out Loud?

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Tongues & Interpretation of Tongues

Out of all of the spiritual gifts listed, I think these and miracles/healing are the most controversial and abused. Some people, including some godly people, think that spiritual gifts like these are not used anymore. The way I look at it, dreams were used by God in both the Old and New Testament, and I… Continue reading Tongues & Interpretation of Tongues

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Christ Fulfills The Law

We are going to continue the Gailieen ministry and in doing so, it's a little tricky to figure out which stories happened first or in what order. I also realized, a little too late, that the beatitudes are also in Luke 6:20-23. Why the beatitudes? Well, when Jesus started His ministry the beatitudes were one… Continue reading Christ Fulfills The Law