Giving Up Sin When It’s Hard

Lust Of Senses This world focuses on the lust of all senses, which leads us to temptation. Seeing porn (eyes), hearing music we shouldn't listen to (ears), using our mouth (taste) or nose (scent) for drugs or gluttony of food, and engaging in physical activities we shouldn't partake in (touch). Temptation Being tempted is not … Continue reading Giving Up Sin When It’s Hard

Midst Of Storm | Intro To Dream Experience (1)

Introduction To The Dark One Ever since I was 13, which was a time in my life my relationship with Christ drastically changed, I have had some symbolic and apocalyptic dreams. Not constantly, just every so often, and some of the dreams would place focus on using faith against dark forces. Pinning the individual, me in … Continue reading Midst Of Storm | Intro To Dream Experience (1)

Christians Cannot Save Another Person

I'm not sure when or where the empowering statement arose. "We can save lives for Christ." "You can save lives for Christ." The very statement, "for Christ," implies that the action is something given to Christ, or in this case "someone" is given to Christ. Meaning that people are "saved for Christ" by another human … Continue reading Christians Cannot Save Another Person

Grey Rain

Illustration #3 Black And White Atmosphere Shuddering. Shaking. Ice wind pricks the face. Holding. Rocking back and forth. Clutching my knees against the rain. Fog dampens the air around. Mist comes in as thunder roars. Grey is the sky. Grey is the clouds. Grey are those around me. Shifting. Mixing. Unreliable. Untrustworthy. Hands twitch around … Continue reading Grey Rain

Christian Ignorance

When we choose to have a relationship with Christ and to follow God we choose to accept the Lord and all His entirety. This includes His commandments, His walk of life, and His instructions to us as His Bride. But just like in the beginning with the Israelites, Christians tend to fall in the same … Continue reading Christian Ignorance