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Thanksgiving Break

Hey all! I wanted to share I will be taking a blogging break and posts will resume on November 27th. I look forward to the coming months next year. Be on the lookout for new additions to the blog, starting January 2nd, 2023. A way you can pray for me is to pray, Lord willing,… Continue reading Thanksgiving Break

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Merry Christmas | 4 Titles of Jesus

Merry Christmas! I recently finished a series on the 4 names given to Jesus in Isaiah 9:06. You can check them out here. Wonderful Counselor | Christmas Study Mighty God | Christmas Study Everlasting Father | Christmas Study Prince of Peace | Christmas Study This year I read a chapter of Luke each day for… Continue reading Merry Christmas | 4 Titles of Jesus

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5 Things You Will Likely Struggle With As A Christian Blogger (Throwback)

This is an updated post from 2019. I’ve updated it quite a bit, and thought it might be helpful to share again. Obviously, not everyone will have these problems, but I wanted to target common problems I’ve had personally and/or seen other bloggers discuss that they’ve experienced. Updated June 4th, 2021 Today, I wanted to… Continue reading 5 Things You Will Likely Struggle With As A Christian Blogger (Throwback)

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Why Have I Been Writing Heavy Posts Lately? (Calling Out False Teachers/Teachings)

Occasionally, I get some concerns about my posts, and I thought now would be a good time to cover some of those concerns. I want to share where my mindset has been leading up to posting about these topics. Why are some individuals named in posts, is it necessary? Is it mean when I use… Continue reading Why Have I Been Writing Heavy Posts Lately? (Calling Out False Teachers/Teachings)

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Covering Bible Studies/Devotionals (Updated)|Christian Blogger

Awhile back, someone told me that my Bible Summaries were dry. I'm assuming it's because I'm mainly covering scripture in the posts and scripture by itself isn't exciting or entertaining. Use less scripture and add a lot of sugar. Make sure it looks pretty and attractive. Christian Blogging 101...right? The truth is I honestly shared… Continue reading Covering Bible Studies/Devotionals (Updated)|Christian Blogger

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Should I Have Short Or Long Posts | Christian Blogger

ADDED NOTE (01/20/2020)- I want to add, as I discuss at the bottom of the post, short posts can be meaty! I have some additions inspired by comments to help clarify the post. Thank you everyone for the discussion! What attracts most people? How do I grow my audience? I know these are tempting questions… Continue reading Should I Have Short Or Long Posts | Christian Blogger

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Liebster Blogger Award

I was nominated by the incredible Lea of Dancing After Jesus. Lea actually gave me this award two years ago... as you know, I've been working on slowly catching up. Award Origin: Liebster is a word from German origins meaning: sweetest, dearest, beloved, among other kind affectionate words. The award is to recognize or discover… Continue reading Liebster Blogger Award

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The Unique Blogger Award

I was nominated by the blogger, It's All About Christ. Her blog is very focused on Christ. She writes a lot of heartfelt poetry. I appreciate her honesty on her posts, as it is not easy being honest about our struggles. Thank you so much for nominating me! About The Award: I couldn't find much… Continue reading The Unique Blogger Award

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Blogger Recognition

I was nominated by Vivian from God's Whispers Of Truth. Vivan is such a sweet sister of God. She shares on her blog how the Lord has used her trauma for His glory and fellowshipping with others. I've done this award before, so my story on why I started Inside Cup will be shorter (see… Continue reading Blogger Recognition

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2,000 Followers?! | The Journey So Far

Thanks be to God in all of this. You know, when I started and had less 12 followers, I didn't know how God would use my writing. I had always known that He called me to reach believers, and I believed writing was something He wanted me to use. Throughout the years, I started to… Continue reading 2,000 Followers?! | The Journey So Far