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5 Christian Teen Bloggers (3)

I apologize for the delay. The last time I was able to do this spotlight was in March. I hope to do to these about once a month, if possible. I'm almost up to April comments of those who wanted to be featured. Thanks for your patience, everyone! I want to add, again, that not… Continue reading 5 Christian Teen Bloggers (3)

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Quotes From YOU | May ’19

I hope the new feature image for the series look okay.  Summer is approaching and warm days finally are upon us. I've been waiting, and my flowers have been waiting. Here are quotes from Christian bloggers around the community that stood out to me in the month of May. As always, this is not to… Continue reading Quotes From YOU | May ’19

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Community Prayer Request | June ’19

This post is updated, sometimes daily, please check in for updates, answered prayers, and for continued prayer over the requests. Thank you! Let’s work together on prayer by praying for each other and lifting up our needs. Why We Need To Pray- Draw Closer To God, Draw Closer To The Community, See Answered Prayers Here are… Continue reading Community Prayer Request | June ’19

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Dreaming Of Guatemala | Bloggers That Have Made A Difference To Me

I started this series to shine the light on those who have really helped me in my blogging journey through encouragement and inspiration.  This series idea has been on my heart for a few weeks, and the first name that always came to my mind on who should be first was Maggie.  Maggie was one… Continue reading Dreaming Of Guatemala | Bloggers That Have Made A Difference To Me

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Liebster Blogger Award

Liebster is a word from German origins meaning: sweetest, dearest, beloved, among other kind affectionate words. The award is to recognize or discover new bloggers and welcome them into the community. Two years ago... I was nominated by the lovely Faye of Create. In. Me.  I always enjoyed Faye's blog. She is a fellow Christian… Continue reading Liebster Blogger Award

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Community Spotlight | April ’19

April went by really fast, and I'm shocked we have reached May! HOW! Anyhow, this is not to make anyone feel like they need to be on this list. I read a lot of posts and bloggers, I can't post everything. These are the posts that spoke to me this past month. FIRST APPEARANCE (The… Continue reading Community Spotlight | April ’19

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Blogger Recognition Award

I have not done an award since almost a year ago, but I want to shine the spotlight on others, as well as allow ways for you to get to know me better. His Perfect Timing so graciously...TWO YEARS AGO...nominated me for this award. Her blog is always packed full of scripture, application to life,… Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award