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Temptation | Believer 101

First off, this post isn't just for new believers. Everyone should read this. This is post is a Reader Request and quite a good one. The question I received was, "How to avoid temptation?" I went through looking at scriptures, trying to break down temptation. There are a lot of components to it. The word sounds… Continue reading Temptation | Believer 101

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Alphabet Devotional | “B”

Last week's letter was, "A," and the two words of the week were astound and ascend. There were a number of comments in which many of you shared your "A" words. I'd let to share some. My Way Home Life said, "I immediately thought of Eph. 3:20...There’s a bunch of great “a” words in there:… Continue reading Alphabet Devotional | “B”

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Dip Your Toes Into “Soft” Darkness

"Soft" porn. Not the complete thing, just a little bit. It's harmless.  I'm not a gossip, I'm a Christian lady... but did you hear about the reason why so and so isn't coming to church anymore... I don't curse a lot. (stubs toe).... *********************  It's okay if I just sneak at peek at this adult… Continue reading Dip Your Toes Into “Soft” Darkness

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There Should Have Been Four Crosses

(Today's post was inspired by the blog, A Fractured Faith check out the post that inspired me here, and show them some support. 🙂 ) It's pretty simple. God didn't have to choose to send His Son to this world. Jesus didn't have to choose to follow through. But God did send His Son, and Jesus did follow through.… Continue reading There Should Have Been Four Crosses

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Find Rest In Jesus | Short Life Update

It is past midnight, on its way to being 2 am. The movers are finally arriving. Even though it will be nice to have our stuff, and get settled, movers mean chaos. Stacks of boxes, making sure paperwork is right, probably being a hindrance to our apartment neighbors, and other thoughts run their course through… Continue reading Find Rest In Jesus | Short Life Update

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Is Our “I Can’t,” really, “I’m Too Afraid.”

I've heard/read multiple times, "It doesn't matter how often or how many times you've read the Bible. God can always teach you something new. He can encourage you and inspire in ways you haven't experienced before." And how true this is! Last week, I covered Pt. 2 of Numbers. In short, I did a lot… Continue reading Is Our “I Can’t,” really, “I’m Too Afraid.”

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Lift Up Your Hands Like Moses & Win The Battle

(Just finished writing this post, and my heart is overwhelmed. I felt God in the writing, and this was something I had asked Him to be involved in. Praise God! Thank you, God, for being swift to answer! Please be with the reader. Amen.)  This week has been my birthday week. As my birthday drew… Continue reading Lift Up Your Hands Like Moses & Win The Battle