Song Sunday – City Lights (Destiny Rayne)

(I think this song really speaks to Christian teen girls especially with the world we live in. When so many people want to push you down, keep holding onto Christ, everyone.) With the Fourth of July coming, I think this week's song, with its focus on lights, is convenient. I found Destiny's music on YouTube a … Continue reading Song Sunday – City Lights (Destiny Rayne)

Song Sunday | Let Go (Barlowgirl)

Barlowgirl has been one of my favorite bands since my early teenage years. I found them after I found the band Superchic, which wrote a song (very retro feel) about the Barlowgirl sisters and how they chose to remain virgins till marriage against a world of seduction and sexual pressure on teens. Today's song, in particular, … Continue reading Song Sunday | Let Go (Barlowgirl)

Father’s Day Song Sunday | Father Song (Jonah33)

Last year, I posted the song Lead Me, by Sanctus Real and today's song was a close tie. But I knew I could use this song for this year, and I'm so happy to introduce you to it. Father Song, by Jonah33 This song has spoken to me as soon as I heard it when … Continue reading Father’s Day Song Sunday | Father Song (Jonah33)

Song Sunday | Foreigner (Ledger)

Following my theme of Christian Rock this month, I have a female singer who sang in Skillet. She is a powerful vocalist and her lyrics are amazing. I am going to choose one my favorite songs from her, which is today's selection. Foreigner - Ledger This world is full of masks and lies. The closer … Continue reading Song Sunday | Foreigner (Ledger)

Song Sunday | Dear X, You Don’t Own Me (Disciple)

June marks a month of Song Sundays that are Christian Rock songs. Most of the time I share contemporary songs, but I think it would be good to share a few artists that sing Christian Rock. You may be surprised at the songs. They are deep. They speak the truth. When emotions and the darkness … Continue reading Song Sunday | Dear X, You Don’t Own Me (Disciple)

50th Song Sunday | Awake & Alive (Skillet)

Skillet was a band I was introduced to in my mid-teens, but I never got into their music till my early 20s. Their music is meant to help teens especially, but I love the fact their messages are deep and passionate. There's that word again 😉 Today's selected song is a song God gave me when … Continue reading 50th Song Sunday | Awake & Alive (Skillet)