What To Know As A Christian Blogger

If you need help with blogging in general, on my second blog I have covered MANY topics on tutorials with WordPress. Customization. (Anything you can do with a free plan.) Sources for pictures, editing images, tips for bloggers and more.

General Blogging 101 

But as a Christian blogger, we are called to do much more than just the basics. We cover scripture. We talk about God. We talk about things that are hard to hear. There are proper ways to go about this and very crucial we do not take the same approaches as the world, including how we reach out and connect with our audience.

I’ve made all of these posts hoping it will help you and guide you on what to focus on and how not to get sucked into the worldly way of “getting numbers”,  getting overly confident about “knowledge” , and being prepared and accountable with the topics God puts on our hearts. Whether He wants us to post or not.

What To Know As A Christian Blogger

Christian Blogging

Stats, Audience

Community / How To Respond 

Post Ideas & Inspiration

  • Read the Bible
  • Pray
  • Think of questions people have about Christianity and give HOW-TO answers
  • Talk to people. Listen to challenges, questions, and skepticism. Do some studying and see if you can answer their questions.

Updated- 07/14/2022