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On this page you can find posts to particular topics or a series that required multiple posts. Posts can be from my main blog, Inside Cup or my second blog, UnAshamed Christian Housewife.

Some posts have dates attached. This is mainly for poetry, and then some post topics that might be a follow up or response to previous ones I’ve written. Godly living, for example, has been a topic I continue to grow in and am learning how to explain better. But if I’ve done a post series on a topic, I find helpful for myself to know the year.

Update 06/18/22: I moved my Recommended Videos+ series to its own page. Recommended: Sermons, Videos & More

IntroductionVarious Series or Main Focuses You Can Find On Inside Cup (just skip below this for specific series or topics):

  • (Focus) Bible StudyVarious Tips, Topical Studies
  • (Series) Bible SummariesSlowly, I’m going through the Bible and writing up summaries on the verses.
  • (Series) Bible Word StudyI pick out a particular word and study its meaning in scripture.
  • (Series) Scripture Meditation Sometimes I pick out some verses on particular topics to recommend to mediate on (chew through, think about the scriptural meaning.)
  • (Series) Bite-SizedTerms, Topics, Christians need to be familiar with. Gives a small summary, some key points, how the topic relates or does not relate to the Bible and a lot of resources at the end for your own research.
  • (Series) Christ In The Old TestamentLooking at attributes of Christ and how we see them in the Old Testament, looking at symbols in OT that point to Christ, prophecies about Christ, etc. The goal is to help people learn how to read the Old Testament with the New Testament (Gospel message) in mind. From the beginning God planned for the Messiah to come as soon as man fell. The OT must be read with this in mind.
  • (Series) Sarcasm In The BibleTaking a look at how sarcasm is used in the Bible. The goal of sarcasm is not to belittle or be mean, but to make a shocking point.
  • (Focus) Christian Apologetics How do we defend our faith? Do we really know the Bible the way we should? Occasionally, I’ll cover topics related to Christian Apologetics.
  • (Focus) Understanding The GospelThis connects with Christian Apologetics and Bible Study, but I really want to hone in on the Gospel message and terms. As often as I can, I try to incorporate the Gospel.
  • (Focus) Understanding False TeachingsWhen I started learning all of the false teaching I was under my eyes were opened. I found sound men and women who helped me understand the proper context of scripture. For so long, I was deceived by scripture twisting, and I do not want anyone to be confused.
  • (Focus) Christian Mysticism/EmotionalismThis is part of understanding false teachings. I came out of a Seeker-Driven/Emergent Church mentality, so for my blog, I feel it’s important to discuss how somethings look Christian, but they are not Christian. Christian Mysticism (seeking experiences and emotions to feel connected or heard from God) is important for me to breakdown on my blog because of my own deception.
  • (Series) Recommended on FridaysThese are videos, podcasts, or articles by both godly men and women. An assortment of topics is suggested and covered. Sometimes the months may have a theme, such as during Halloween I shared videos of Christians breaking down Halloween, spiritual practices one may be tempted by (and why we need to stay away) etc. I usually recommend videos, and occasionally a podcast. But it’s possible some other articles may be suggested. In these posts, I give a summary of what the person is covering, with a link at the bottom to view the whole video/article.
  • (Series) Recommended on Sundays These are messages or sermons by godly men. In these posts, I give a summary of the message, with a link at the bottom to view the whole video/article
  • (Series) Community PrayerThis has been going on since 2018. Here people can request prayer, share updates, and pray for others.
  • (Series) Community SpotlightOccasionally, I will share recommend Christian articles I’ve found.
  • (Series) Christian BloggerCovering issues or suggestions for Christian bloggers.
Bible Study (How To/Importannce):

Bible Summaries: (Currently being edited)

  • Genesis – 2 Samuel Completed
  • Currently going over 1 Kings & The Gospel Journey

Scriptures To Meditate On:

Scripture Life Application (New Series ‘23)
Prayer Examples on Various Topics (How To Pray About…) New Series ‘23
Particular Studies on Bible Verse(s), Questions, Or Topics:

Salvation, Gospel (See also these sections: Christian Apologetics, Easter/Nature of Christ/Christmas)

  • Many posts, though not centered on the Gospel, tend to bring up the Gospel to explain how the central post topic relates to the Gospel

Scripture Verse Study, Word Study, Topical Study



God – Triune, 3 Persons 1 Essence

God’s Nature/Attributes

Understanding God’s Will, What Is God’s Will For My Life?

Godly Living

Judgment – Are We Suppose To Judge?



Post Series- What Does It Mean To Love the Lord? (2022)

Completed Post Series- Anxiety & Finding God’s Peace (2021)

Christ In The Old Testament:
Sarcasm In The Bible:
Christian Apologetics (Defending The Christian Faith/Understand The Gospel)
Short-Answer (Shorter Post summarizing a topic covered in post(s).)
Christian Mysticism, New Age In The Church And/Or Seeker-Driven Practices:
False Teaching & False Teachers:
Gifts Of The Spirit:
Easter/Nature of Christ/Crucifixion/Resurrection (Gospel related):
Halloween Or Topics Often Associated With Halloween (Video Recommendations):
Christian Women/Single Life/Married:
My Story & Journey as a Christian & Blogger:
Christian Poems I’ve Written

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