New To Blog – Get To Know Me

I understand a blog with over 600 posts is intimidating, so I wanted to make this a little easier on you.

IF YOU ARE NOT FAMILIAR– If you are new to the blog, or are looking for posts you haven’t read, these pages have further posts that encourage you to draw closer to Christ, dive into Bible Study, becoming familiar with the Christian blogging community, and more.

Believer Handbook
  • an assortment of posts to help you understand what it means to believe, what struggles Christians go through, and things to consider as you draw closer to Christ. 
Bible Study & Help
  • Weekly I cover a book of the Bible and slowly go through the chapters with a summary. This page contains all of the posts I’ve previously covered. 
Christian Community
  • If you are looking for more Christian bloggers here is the spot to check out! Posts sharing the community spotlights (bloggers and a description of a post that spoke to me). Quotes from the community (taken from a particular post of theirs). Current community prayer list is available, too. 
Christian Blogging Help
  • If you are new to blogging as a Christian or would like knowing you’re not the only one who struggles you may enjoy these posts. 

My Life

Sometimes I share the journey of not knowing and trusting God. Sometimes it’s about when I doubt. I want to be honest as a follower of Christ, and I want to show my weakness so that you can see God’s strength.

My Testimonies & Calling

Trusting God When My Husband And I Needed Answers June 2017

Blog’s Growth

Blog Awards

More Personal Posts About Me & Talks About Book Series I’m Writing

Updated 11/17/2019