Poetry & More

Apparently, it was not as easy as I thought it was to find my poetry and illustrations, so I wanted to make sure I had a page where you could find it easily. 


Midweek Inspiration | Child Of The River

Lord, Are You Willing

Hands Reaching Out To You

Darkness Over Prayer

Till Sunset

I Regret Nothing

And There Was Joy

Winter’s Reminder

Let Burdens Roll (Christ’s Blood)

Assurance In God

Refresh In Hope

My Pilgrim Progress

My Prayer For You

By The Window

I Was The Seed That Thought I Could Grow

God Is My Great One | Song/Poem To God

Uncertain Waters

Healing From Pain

Illustrations / Short Story / Flash Fiction

For Annabelle | The Christmas Branches

Grey Rain

Unwalked Path

I Deserve This Pain

The Lamp Post | Flash Fiction

Morning Reminder | Flash Fiction