Meet The Christian Community & Advertise

New blogger? Looking for Christian bloggers, a community? Want to advertise your blog the RIGHT way? Get involved with your community! (And click on any of 5 blogger spotlights to see how you might make criteria.) 

I know starting out I needed help in getting to know the community. You can do this by using your Reader to find other bloggers. But if interested, I may have an easier way.

If you want to get involved for praying for others here is the current monthly prayer request. Community Prayers | August ’19

Advertise Your Blog– If you are interested in advertising your blog, please check out either the Christian Teen Blogger or Christian Blogger series.

Christian Bloggers Wanted! (Ages 18+) 

Christian Teen Bloggers Wanted! (19 and under, if you are 18 or 19 you can submit to the Christian Blogger series instead if you want) 

Looking For New Christian Bloggers? – I highly recommend checking out my posts titled Community Spotlight and my new series for 2019 Quotes From You. I spotlight each month bloggers and what posts they wrote that really spoke to me. I hope you find some new bloggers and potentially new friends. 🙂 Check out 5 Christian Bloggers and 5 Christian Teen Bloggers as well, these posts share an introduction from the blogger to their blog and what it is about.

(Some bloggers may not be active depending on when you look them up)









Updated July, 2019