God Being Active In My Life

These posts all cover various aspects of my life in which God has answered me. Some posts share the journey of not knowing and trusting God. I want to be honest as a follower of Christ, and I want to show my weakness so that you can see God’s strength.


My Calling | Maybe You Were Like Me– this is why I write

When I Heard God Speak My Heart – God spoke through someone to me

Eczema Made Me Look to Christ – during a hard time in my childhood I looked to Christ

Know that I am God | Dream Experience 1– during my depression God answered me


Trusting God When My Husband And I Needed Answers 

Pt. 1- Prayer Left Me Exhausted But Relieved | My Life Update – Prayed Over House For God’s Assurance

Pt. 2- God Will Use My Brokenness | Life Update– Days after prayer received panicking news

Pt. 3 – Being Humbled To My Knees | Life Update– Remembering all the times God got me through before

Pt. 4- God Has Answered Us | Life Update – God answering prayer ❤