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Genesis (1) Pt. 2 | Esau & Jacob – Joseph (End)

Continuing from Pt.1  let's jump into it. Esau Sells Birthright We learn about the nature of Esau and Jacob from Ch.25:27. Esau was a hunter, versus Jacob was a, "mild," man, who stayed in tents. Ch.25:29-34 It shouldn't be a surprise that Jacob could make an amazing stew, while Esau being out and about would become… Continue reading Genesis (1) Pt. 2 | Esau & Jacob – Joseph (End)

Bible Study

Genesis (1) Pt. 1 | Creation – Isaac & Rachel

Welcome to my Bible Summary series! These posts at times, like today's post, are tedious and require a large amount of time to go over the text. So I plan for these to appear about once a week at least. As the title states, I will give a summary to the selected book of the… Continue reading Genesis (1) Pt. 1 | Creation – Isaac & Rachel

Bible Study

Why You Need To Read The Bible | Believer 101

(NOTE: I'm not critiquing your personal relationship with Christ because I am not the Judge, only God is. If you feel pricked, that's the Spirit tugging on your heart. He is already tugging on mine.) When we choose Christ to be in our lives, we are telling Him, "I will follow You. I will listen to You."… Continue reading Why You Need To Read The Bible | Believer 101

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Midweek Inspiration | Through Drizzly Days

Today, I visited a friend of mine. It should have a fairly easy drive, but it was full of stops. Dark clouds loomed in the horizon, flashes of lightning sparked. My windshield started fogging on the outside, which even with my defroster, it refused to calm down. Then when I thought I had it under… Continue reading Midweek Inspiration | Through Drizzly Days