Do What Sinners Cannot… DO NOT SEEK REVENGE!

Gets out from the rock I crawled under from last time's post. Some pretty heavy stuff, but Jesus preaches righteousness and purity. His teachings are not always going to be easy to hear, but they are always worth His glory and our edification. Today's Reading: Matthew 5:31-48, Luke 6:27-36 Marriage Is Sacred & Oaths Are … Continue reading Do What Sinners Cannot… DO NOT SEEK REVENGE!

Do Not Let Fellowship Be The Only Time You Recharge | Church Post

Going to church services, I've heard the paraphrase, "We work until Sunday or Wednesday and then we recharge here." This statement is one of the reasons why I have posts "against church." For clarity, what this means, as I realize every single time I have a post about this I have to reinstate. I am … Continue reading Do Not Let Fellowship Be The Only Time You Recharge | Church Post

Community Prayer | February ’20

This post is updated, sometimes daily, please check-in for updates, answered prayers, and for continued prayer over the requests. Thank you! Let’s work together on prayer by praying for each other and lifting up our needs. Why We Need To Pray– Draw Closer To God, Draw Closer To The Community, See Answered Prayers Here are the … Continue reading Community Prayer | February ’20

Community Spotlight | January ’20

It's been really nice to stay more consistent with bloggers. I've been able to read more and comment more. However, the pressure is gone now that I realize I don't have to read every post or every blogger. These posts were all written in January 2020 or before. The link is shared in the title … Continue reading Community Spotlight | January ’20

Asking, Seeking, Knocking

When Grace was working on this poem she was sharing it with me. This is my favorite poem of hers she has written so far. It shows the progression of a sinner not seeking Christ, to desiring Jesus, accepting salvation of Christ and being cleansed. So powerful!

Following Him Beside Still Waters

I thought I knew You
But knew another instead
Junk food for the soul
Not nutritiously fed


My spirit grew fat on the sugar
And my health deteriorated
On the outside I looked healthy
But inside the lies saturated


Then I was fed with Truth
Junk food tasted sweet
But I didn’t want to die –
I drank the milk and moved to meat


I felt as if I weren’t on solid ground
But were standing on sinking sand.
Like the floor was not sound
And I had no helping hand.


What is truth
And what is lies
Who is the Rock?
Oh hear my cries!


I trusted no one, feeling like
I went from a dream to awake.
Is this You or is that You?
Which is real? What is fake?


You will reveal Yourself
To those who seek
That was a promise

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Don’t Let My Death Be The Reason

The day I lost a dear grandmother in Christ I wrote this poem sorting my feelings. My letter, a letter I planned to write and send her a month ago, I had finally wrote it only a day before. It lay on the table stamped. Don’t waste time taking things and people for granted. We just do not know.

Peeking Beneath

Don’t let my death be the reason

you want to speak to me now.

What was once for granted

can’t be given nohow.

Don’t let my death be the reason

you want to meet up.

There were open schedules before.

Now an empty plate and cup.

Don’t let my death be the reason

you desire to call.

Many hours slipped through,

priority walked the hall.

Don’t let my death be the reason

now you send a letter.

Instead of appreciation,

a broken spirit weathered.

Don’t let my death be the reason,

you pray to God in regret.

Take the lesson learned,

and promise not to forget.

Don’t wait until life passes

to tell the ones you love.

The things they need to hear.

The truth from up above.

Don’t wait until life passes,

for death to make you realize.

Our life is but a vapor

something we can’t rationalize.


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Knowledge Doesn’t Make You A “Mature” Christian (I’m A Hypocrite)

I was looking over a past conflict I had with someone a couple years ago. There were concerning issues I saw with their walk with Jesus, and I tried to encourage them to be wary of becoming stubborn in what they thought was right. Yeah, not something easy to say...let alone hear on the other side. … Continue reading Knowledge Doesn’t Make You A “Mature” Christian (I’m A Hypocrite)