Recommended: Sermons, Videos & More

I wanted to make sure I have a page containing all of my resources that I’ve recommended on various pages or posts. But the main point of this page is to have all of the videos, interviews, podcasts, or sermons that I recommend on Fridays or Sundays here. So, if you are looking for a particular topic, hopefully you’ll be able to find a resource quicker.

What I do for videos or other media that I recommend is I take the video, podcast, sermon, etc, listen to what is said, and turn the commentary into questions for the viewer. I’ll share just a few key points the person makes, but overall I want to encourage my readers to check out the source. I do want to be very careful in not plagiarizing, so my questions help give a summary of what is discussed, in order that you might be persuaded to check out the recommended source. Maybe you will find a new Youtube channel or pastor you really enjoy.

Here are other resource pages/posts to check out if you are looking for:

Recommended Friday Picks: Videos, Podcasts

Recommended Sundays: Sermons, Sometimes during holidays, I’ll post multiple sermons through the week. (Never female pastors.)

Updated: August 4th, 2022