Recommended Websites For False Teachers/Teaching

I get asked about false teachers a bit, and honestly, while I wish I was able to know who is false and who isn’t, I do not always have the answers. The Bible gives us some guidelines on how to determine false prophets, false teachers, and heretics. The Bible shows us that women are not to be preachers and teach men in the congregation. Post | Can Women Teach On A Blog That Men Read?

This page is to help you research those you listen to better. I know this would have been so helpful to me in the past, and I hope by sharing trusted sources I have found you can discover the truth.

Historic Heresies Related to the Nature of Jesus Cold Case Christianity

Websites & Those Who Warn Against False Teachings & False Teachers

  • CANA – Christian Answers for the New Age – By: Marcia Montenegro
    • Marcia shares many articles on false teachings and false teachers. She is extremely in-depth and well researched. Coming out of the New Age, she wants to warn others of the deception she was once in.
  • Berean Research– An assortment of articles on various false teachers and false teachings.
  • CARM-Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry By: Matt Slick
  • Michelle LesleyList Of False Teachers She Has Covered
  • Believers Web Just found this website and they cover all sorts of topics and false teaching. They have one article I found helpful in going over how cult teachers tend to teach the Bible, and what to look out for. Article | Scripture Twisting Methods Of The Cults

Video/Podcast Playlists To Learn About Specific False Teachings

Prosperity Gospel/Word of Faith:

NAR (New Apolostlic Reformation)

Progressive Christianity / Christian Liberalism

How To Talk To Others About False Teaching?

Other recommended teachers and pastors (some, like Fighting 4 Faith, do point out false teachers). See this list: Godly Men & Women I Recommend To Listen To

Updated 1/13/2022– Will continue to build on what I have