Staying Accountable To My “Yes”

One of the messages I listened to recently, I think it was Mike Winger on YouTube, but a point was brought up that we need to let our yes be yes. The things we say we are going to do, we need to be accountable to. Though I know this scripture, this really spoke to … Continue reading Staying Accountable To My “Yes”

It’s Been Awhile…Thought I Left

Dear T. R. , Did you miss these talks? Or were you pleased there was no letter to keep you accountable to the public eye? Are you hoping this may make a view count or are you finally focused on the truth of helping others see Christ in all things? I imagine you know what … Continue reading It’s Been Awhile…Thought I Left

Giving Up Sin When It’s Hard

Lust Of Senses This world focuses on the lust of all senses, which leads us to temptation. Seeing porn (eyes), hearing music we shouldn't listen to (ears), using our mouth (taste) or nose (scent) for drugs or gluttony of food, and engaging in physical activities we shouldn't partake in (touch). Temptation Being tempted is not … Continue reading Giving Up Sin When It’s Hard