Mystery Blogger Award

I was nominated by Gail of Gail Loves God blog for the Mystery Blogger Award. Gail makes her rounds in the community. She definitely has the spiritual gift of encouraging others. Her blog covers an assortment of tags, prayers, and she sometimes shares poetry from her second blog. About The Award: The Mystery Blogger Award was created … Continue reading Mystery Blogger Award

The Unique Blogger Award

I was nominated by the blogger, It's All About Christ. Her blog is very focused on Christ. She writes a lot of heartfelt poetry. I appreciate her honesty on her posts, as it is not easy being honest about our struggles. Thank you so much for nominating me! About The Award: I couldn't find much … Continue reading The Unique Blogger Award

Cutting Toxic Friends | He Heals My Brokenness {Blog Tag}

When Maggie from Dreaming Of Guatemala let me know she not only created a new tag, but nominated me, too, I was beyond excited! When I got to the post and found out what it was, I was even more excited! Maggie is wonderful, and she is a Christian Life Style blogger. She'll cover routines, … Continue reading Cutting Toxic Friends | He Heals My Brokenness {Blog Tag}

Liebster Blogger Award

Liebster is a word from German origins meaning: sweetest, dearest, beloved, among other kind affectionate words. The award is to recognize or discover new bloggers and welcome them into the community. Two years ago... I was nominated by the lovely Faye of Create. In. Me.  I always enjoyed Faye's blog. She is a fellow Christian … Continue reading Liebster Blogger Award

Blogger Recognition Award

I have not done an award since almost a year ago, but I want to shine the spotlight on others, as well as allow ways for you to get to know me better. His Perfect Timing so graciously...TWO YEARS AGO...nominated me for this award. Her blog is always packed full of scripture, application to life, … Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award

Liebster | Blogger Award (3)

Biblebloggergirl nominated me for this award last year. She has such a great heart. Always trying to shine the light and love of Christ everywhere she goes. Thanks for thinking of me. 🙂 Please check out her blog. She posts pictures, quotes, she digs into Bible stories and more. About The Award Liebster Award is provided … Continue reading Liebster | Blogger Award (3)

Light Of The World Blogger Award

I've been nominated by Joe of Light House Devotion for the Light Of The World Award. Thank you so much, Joe, for this award! His blog is all about being a beacon of light to others as we are instructed to do from Jesus. Please take the time to check out his blog. Purpose Of … Continue reading Light Of The World Blogger Award

Liebster | Blogger Award

You could say this is Liebster x 2. I was nominated twice by His Perfect Timing. Once in August, and another very recently. His Perfect Timing is a blog I've been following for a number of months now. She always has inspiring and motivating posts. Many of her posts are devotionals. She usually asks questions … Continue reading Liebster | Blogger Award

Mystery Blogger Award

The lovely Brittany has nominated me for the Mystery Blogger Award. You guys need check out Brittany, if you haven't already. Especially, if you like *fashion *body/face products *mental health *physical health (She also LOVES Christmas like me)  She is so positive, engaging in the community, and I'm so thankful to have gotten to become friends with … Continue reading Mystery Blogger Award

One Lovely Blog Award

What an honor to have been nominated this blog award! Brittney from Southernlightsatlantanights is a beautiful blogger who shares beauty, fashion, and fitness posts (with a little mix of extra in between). She is active in the community, humorous on her twitter, Christmas loving all around, and someone I'm so blessed to have met on the … Continue reading One Lovely Blog Award