Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction

Holes, Filth, And Christ (Christian Poem)

Empty heart, I thought. Loud mind, I thought. Empty hands, I thought. Whispers, all the whispers. Never realized the darknessoh, the darkness that consumed me. A lover of darkness. And then the burning light. The awful burning firewhich revealed a stench, a decay, within me. I saw the holes within my heart. I saw the… Continue reading Holes, Filth, And Christ (Christian Poem)

Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction

Battle Inside (Christian Poem)

I am breaking within my mind.Struggling, holding to what’s mine.Fighting, screaming, believe I’ve got it. Thoughts break, and I slip away from You. How long will this keep going on? How long till I’m broken through? Darkness laughing. Something stirs. Fire starts catching. I can feel my sin start to burn. Will I ever learn?… Continue reading Battle Inside (Christian Poem)

Christian resources

The Release & Defeat of Satan (Voddie Baucham)

How do we look at symbols in the Bible? When trials and awful sin is committed in the world, how do we answer the question of where is God and why hasn’t He come yet? God always has a plan, and we should never doubt Him. Voddie has an amillenial view on the end of… Continue reading The Release & Defeat of Satan (Voddie Baucham)


Are You Praying For The Body Of Christ

There are people being persecuted for following Christ. People are dying for Him. Being in America, I think I'm desensitized to this. Missionaries are dying. Preachers are dying. People are being killed because they believe and follow Christ. And though I've been fortunate to not really encounter problems with this in America, that doesn't mean… Continue reading Are You Praying For The Body Of Christ

Bible Study

2 Samuel |David’s Men Humilated & Jonathan’s Son (Ch.8-10)

(Looked over and slightly edited 07/14/2022) Welcome back! Today is about battles. If you enjoy adventure, humiliation, and a bit of kindness, stay tuned 🙂 Ch. 8 - David's Conquests (v.1) David attacked the Philistines subduing them. (v. 2) David defeated Moab (this is one of the bloodlines from Lot where Ruth originally came from.)… Continue reading 2 Samuel |David’s Men Humilated & Jonathan’s Son (Ch.8-10)