Was Christ Always “Perfect” (Yes, But He Was Perfected At The Cross)

2nd Update: 01/12/2021 - Revised and edited a few sentences. 1st Updated: 7/27/2020, scriptures have links now, and a few edits have been added. Jesus was always perfect, but on the cross He was perfected. This post focuses on Christ's struggles as a human, like you or me, and how He always overcame because of … Continue reading Was Christ Always “Perfect” (Yes, But He Was Perfected At The Cross)

For His Will | Are You Praying

*This was a post I was not planning on writing, but God had other plans which seems fitting for this post.  I finished reading the book She Said Yes, it's written by Misty Bernall, the mother of Cassie Bernall. Cassie was killed in the shooting at Columbine, April 20th, 1999. I've been attached to Cassie's story … Continue reading For His Will | Are You Praying

Christians, Stop The Band-Aid Answers

Let's be blunt and honest.  God's timing is not our timing, and I don't like it when people tell me to pray and God will basically give me what I want because it is not about what I want. It's about His will and how He plans to guide me. How He wants me to … Continue reading Christians, Stop The Band-Aid Answers