Covering Bible Studies/Devotionals (Updated)|Christian Blogger

Awhile back, I was told my Bible Summaries were dry. I'm assuming it's because I'm mainly covering scripture and scripture by itself isn't exciting or entertaining. Use less scripture and add a lot of sugar. Make sure it looks pretty and attractive. Christian Blogging 101...right? The truth is I honestly shared the same mindset as … Continue reading Covering Bible Studies/Devotionals (Updated)|Christian Blogger

Why Are We Fearful When We Have The Lord?

In the midst of COVID-19, these chapters today are such a reminder that God is bigger than what we fear and what is in the world. As today is a day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus may we be reminded that our strength is in Christ. Today's Reading: Chapter 11, 12, and 13  Chapter … Continue reading Why Are We Fearful When We Have The Lord?

God’s Will | What Does The Bible Say?

I recently had a question posed by a sister in Christ, "How do we know God's will?" The timing of this is so perfect because today is Good Friday. A time to reflect on and remember Jesus giving His life up for ours. Before He was betrayed Jesus prayed for God to spare Him from … Continue reading God’s Will | What Does The Bible Say?

Confess/Confession – What Does The Bible Say?

For a few weeks, I've been thinking about starting a series on words in the Bible and what does scripture actually say about them, what's the context? I think today being Valentine's Day and following the previous post about salvation, it's important to look at the word: confession or confess. To confess: admitting wrongs, declaring … Continue reading Confess/Confession – What Does The Bible Say?

A Refuge In Times Of Trouble

He who was made a little lower than the angels to rule overall has become our refuge and strength. Today's Reading: Psalm 8 & 9   Psalm 8 (Verses 1-2) The Lord's name is excellent in all the earth. From nursing babes, God ordains strength that the enemy be silenced.  (Verses 3-8) Here we see scriptures … Continue reading A Refuge In Times Of Trouble

The 7 Things God Hates

Adultery against Christ happens. We turn to other idols, false teachers, and false prophets. We turn to self. Last time in Proverbs, we dug into scripture about how we are to keep our Father's wisdom and instruction. Not to stray to an immoral woman (false teacher or sinner). Today in Proverbs we will continue some … Continue reading The 7 Things God Hates

Lest They Tear Me Like A Lion (Prayer For Deliverance)

Seriously one of the best things we can do during prayer is speak the word of God. I know in times of trials, fear, and worry taking the advice that I should pray a psalm has been beneficial to my spirit. God keeps His word, and no matter what happens, He is always with us. … Continue reading Lest They Tear Me Like A Lion (Prayer For Deliverance)

God Asks What Solomon Desires In A Dream

I did not catch that God asked Solomon what he wanted in a dream before, which if you are familiar with my blog and dreams, you'll understand my surprise. Anyhow, today we are going to cover the scripture in which Solomon receives the gift of wisdom. A lot of people are familiar that Solomon was … Continue reading God Asks What Solomon Desires In A Dream

The Wicked Do Not Sleep Unless They Do Evil

Keep your eyes straight. Speak well. Seek truth. These are lessons we see multiple times in Proverbs, as well as holding close to our Father's words. I know not all scripture is talking about God directly, but it is clear, these same truths apply to being a Christian and having a walk with Jesus. Today's … Continue reading The Wicked Do Not Sleep Unless They Do Evil

Will Of God & Faith

We are familiar that Jesus used food to illustrate His body in the Passover, but did you know He also referenced and used food as illustrations for other things? Today's Readings: Matthew 4:12-17 | Luke 4:14-15  | Mark 1:14-15 | John 4:27-42 & 43-45, 2:01-12 Food To Do The Will Of God & Harvest John … Continue reading Will Of God & Faith