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Christ Fulfills The Law

We are going to continue the Gailieen ministry and in doing so, it's a little tricky to figure out which stories happened first or in what order. I also realized, a little too late, that the beatitudes are also in Luke 6:20-23. Why the beatitudes? Well, when Jesus started His ministry the beatitudes were one… Continue reading Christ Fulfills The Law

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How To Identify A False Teacher (Pastor/Mentor)

I decided last week what today's post would be upon. Since deciding the topic, God has been showing me that I needed to write on it. Side Note: This is definitely a longer post than most of my other ones, but this topic is very important. There is a lot of scripture posted here, as well… Continue reading How To Identify A False Teacher (Pastor/Mentor)

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What Is The Gift Of Encouragement

Encouragement is a very special spiritual gift. One that often gets hidden. One that people may feel is not "good enough." But we are all told every part of the Body of Christ (the true Church) is important. Every toe is as important as an eye. (NIV) 1 Thessalonians 4:18, "Therefore encourage one another with… Continue reading What Is The Gift Of Encouragement

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David Seeks Vengence Through Solomon

Solomon has been declared king and David has some parting words for his son. It's interesting to see how David kept his word that he would not kill certain people, but that didn't mean his son wouldn't go after them. Today's Reading: 1 Kings Ch. 2  David knows he is drawing close to death. He… Continue reading David Seeks Vengence Through Solomon

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Taking Territory Back From Satan | Denying Flesh & True Repentance

We have given the sin to God and repented. Yet, we still feel helpless. We wonder if God is truly moving on our behalf. Why do we feel so hopeless? Does the devil still claim territory that should be ours? A lot of people quote, "Resist the devil and he will flee." Go into the… Continue reading Taking Territory Back From Satan | Denying Flesh & True Repentance

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Start Your Day With Prayer

Prayer is essential to having a walk with Christ. It doesn't have to be complicated. This short chapter in Psalms gives us a simple overview of prayer, its importance, and God's power. Today's Reading: Ch. 5 David seems to start his morning with the Lord. He asks the Lord to listen and consider his meditation. He… Continue reading Start Your Day With Prayer

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I Spent Three Days In The Book Of Daniel | Some Things Are Changing

End of Time scripture often causes some of the biggest controversies, debates, and discords among believers. One of the reasons I started my End Of Time series was mainly to inform people of what scripture said, where to find it, and what kind of parallels can be made in other pieces of scripture. It's still… Continue reading I Spent Three Days In The Book Of Daniel | Some Things Are Changing