Three Gifts Of The Wise Men & Significance To Christ’s Crucifixion 

Three gifts with deep symbolism. Gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Laid at the feet of a Child. What is the significance? Why the Holy Child? The birth of Jesus was one many were looking for. A Messiah, Redeemer, and Savior to come. But the King many expected arrived in swaddling cloths. I've been wanting to cover … Continue reading Three Gifts Of The Wise Men & Significance To Christ’s Crucifixion 

Gospel Journey | Christ Is Born

What a blessing that the week we cover the birth of Christ, it is also the week of Christmas! Today is when we venture into storytelling with multiple gospels. Last time we covered the birth of Christ's cousin, John the Baptist. Genealogy Of Christ This is can be found in Matthew 1:01-17. Something interesting is … Continue reading Gospel Journey | Christ Is Born

The Gospel Journey | John The Baptist Is Born & His Father Speaks

We left off with the news of Elizabeth and Mary receiving announcements that they would be with child. Zacharias became mute because of his disbelief that his elderly wife would be with child, and he would only speak when his son was born. Ch. 1:39-45- Mary Visits Elizabeth (v.41) When Mary went to Judah to … Continue reading The Gospel Journey | John The Baptist Is Born & His Father Speaks

The Gospel Journey | Gabriel Is Sent With Announcements

The beginning of the Gospel story begins with the announcement of the births of John the Baptist and his cousin Jesus. These accounts are only told in the book of Luke which is where we will begin. Ch. 1:01-25 - John's Birth Announced to Zacharias  (v.5-7) Zacharias was a priest, his wife Elizabeth is said … Continue reading The Gospel Journey | Gabriel Is Sent With Announcements

Jackson’s Birth Story (Sara’s Story, A Reblog)

I know Sara in real life, and we as the community have actually been praying for Jackson since he has been born. Sara was brave enough to ask me to help her edit her story as she wanted to reach out to other families who may have gone through something similar.

Jackson’s story is one of a miracle baby. A story of how God provided and how His hand never left even in hard times. Please show Sara some support and read about the power of God.

And thank you, Sara, for trusting me with your story ❤

Our Fingerprint

“For with God nothing shall be impossible.”

On July 23, 2017, my husband, Jason, was outside mowing the yard and I was eating breakfast. We had just had a “date night” the evening before for our birthdays and we were planning to relax the rest of the day. Something came over me to take a pregnancy test, even though I knew it was early, I couldn’t wait. There it was, a very faint pink second line, my jaw dropped.

I ran into the yard to wave Jason down. I dragged him into the house and showed him. We immediately started crying, right there in the entryway to our home. 7 pregnancy tests and a doctor’s appointment later, we had it confirmed, we were pregnant!

img_2948 First Ultrasound

One Sunday evening, around week 8, I felt a rush of blood and instantly panicked. We called the after-hours OB/GYN and they told us…

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Ways To Incorporate Christ In Christmas Activities

I know, I know sounds weird. Christmas IS about Christ many believers tell me. I mentioned Tuesday, I'm not so sure. I think the intention is there. We WANT it to be about Christ. Sometimes, only pieces are. But I am finding ways to make SURE He is a part of every single thing I … Continue reading Ways To Incorporate Christ In Christmas Activities