Psalm | Help In Trouble

I thought the Bible Summary might be more interesting if four books are covered in the month. So each week will be a different book. The Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke & John), 2 Samuel, Psalm, and Proverbs. Introduction To Psalm: It is called "Psalm" but it contains many songs inside. The book of Psalms contains the … Continue reading Psalm | Help In Trouble

Genesis (1) Pt. 2 | Ch. 25 Esau & Jacob – Joseph (End)

Continuing from Pt.1  let's jump into it. Esau Sells Birthright We learn about the nature of Esau and Jacob from Ch.25:27. Esau was a hunter, versus Jacob was a "mild," man, who stayed in tents. Ch.25:29-34 It shouldn't be a surprise that Jacob could make an amazing stew, while Esau being out and about would become … Continue reading Genesis (1) Pt. 2 | Ch. 25 Esau & Jacob – Joseph (End)