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I Write With Blood Ink (So Be It)

People wonder about my writing. They question what am I doing? Wasting time on this blog, and wasting time on my book. The ones who never read my poems, let alone, know where to look. They see me with no signs attached, dollars, that is. My value and worth, somehow, have been placed in their… Continue reading I Write With Blood Ink (So Be It)

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Quotes From YOU | August ’19

Whoops, I meant for this post to get out last week, but things happened. I can't believe August was over a month ago! These are quotes that were written by the community in August of 2019 or before. This particular collection of quotes happens to share a few themes together. I never plan this, but… Continue reading Quotes From YOU | August ’19

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Update On Laptop & Over 100 Ideas

For those of you who tuned in last week, you'll know that my laptop is not working with me. I've spent several hours and days working with it, and currently, it seems before I wipe it (haha, I kept referring to "swiping" it last week) I need to extract my files from the hard drive.… Continue reading Update On Laptop & Over 100 Ideas

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This Is NOT A Drill… Technical Difficulties

So... My laptop of almost nine years has started to have an issue. Basically, it will not fully load the starting screen and will shut off. I've tried: Recovery Mode (Verify & Repair over and over) Single User Mode (brings back the nightmare of computer coding) Taken Out The Battery & Placed Back Continued prayers… Continue reading This Is NOT A Drill… Technical Difficulties

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Christian Bloggers YOU Recommend!

I just published the Community Blogger Buttons. Currently, I only have a couple of bloggers advertised. If you are a Christian blogger (meaning most of your blog is focused on Christ) and you have a blogger button OR logo please feel free to share on the button page. I do not have a lot of… Continue reading Christian Bloggers YOU Recommend!

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Community Spotlight | August ’19

Well, fall is starting to step into the month here. I'm seeing a couple of leaves already start to change colors. Another community spotlight has rolled around. These are some posts I found that I really enjoyed. NEWER SPOTLIGHTS (Virtuous Women) - Fearfully And Wonderfully Made - I really appreciate the honesty we women sometimes… Continue reading Community Spotlight | August ’19

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Community Spotlight | July ’19

We still have a few weeks of summer left, but not much! There have been a lot of powerful posts these past months and July was no different! I hope you find a post that speaks to you and draws you closer to Jesus. NEW BLOGGER SPOTLIGHT (Sarah Mozingo)  - Submitting To Leadership- What do… Continue reading Community Spotlight | July ’19