My Book Is Still A Work In Progress | This Blog Changed Me

Sooo... yeah. I shared in 2017 how I have been working on a book for what will become book one of my book series. For those unfamiliar, in 2013 I had an idea that something I created as a child, I wanted to turn into a book series. From 2013 - 2017 I wrote three … Continue reading My Book Is Still A Work In Progress | This Blog Changed Me

Going To Change Schedule On Inside Cup (A Little Bit)

I am so thankful for everyone who has supported my Song Sundays. I started Song Sundays last year in either April or May. I have successfully done a weekly Song Sunday for over a year consistently straight. I love sharing Christian music, the various genres and encouraging others with song. If I'm honest, I definitely … Continue reading Going To Change Schedule On Inside Cup (A Little Bit)

Song Sunday | All This Time (Britt Nicole)

Today's song has been one of my favorites for a little over a year, and in the next couple of weeks, we will also venture to another song from this artist in another Song Sunday because the two songs pair well together. Today's song is... All This Time, by Britt Nicole I relate to the … Continue reading Song Sunday | All This Time (Britt Nicole)

Song Sunday | Changed (Sanctus Real)

Starting this year, I am picking a whole new set of songs. Last year up to last week's Song Sunday, I wrote on songs I picked out in June. Yep, I had all Song Sunday's picked from the month of June last year, and the order they would appear. But I've reached the end of … Continue reading Song Sunday | Changed (Sanctus Real)

Thursday Break Change In Schedule

As I wrote about yesterday, breaks are needed. I have been feeling for the past few weeks I am getting a little burnt out. Ideas are pouring, but because I want to write so many different posts, for both blogs, and some of them take up much more time than others, I find it to … Continue reading Thursday Break Change In Schedule