I Thought I Caused The Ripples

Over a year ago, I wrote a poem titled, "Many Ripples." There are a few statements I made I do not support and I think are misleading. I thought writing a poem covering those misconceptions would be both fun and, hopefully, clarifying. I am only stone but, I caused many ripples. That's what I used … Continue reading I Thought I Caused The Ripples

Good Intentions…

I meant to start today with prayer. Read scripture before moving. I desired to be thankful. But the coffee was waiting. I meant to read Your word. Chew on what I read for hours, the verses. While I did my chores, I could think. But alas, my thoughts took different courses. 5 minutes I could … Continue reading Good Intentions…

Battle Of Spirit & Flesh (Groans & Grunts)| Christian Poem

All to Jesus I surrender. The words whisper in my spirit.   Yet, my flesh is angry and screams, "BUT THIS IS MINE!" The battle begins and the lines are intertwined.   One moves forward another pushed back. The winner changes and within seconds advances.   Fear charges to bound my hands. Trust thursts the … Continue reading Battle Of Spirit & Flesh (Groans & Grunts)| Christian Poem

An Old Foe Appears (Christian Poem)

Shame, shame. Wrapped around and calling my name. Echoes whispering Accusing saying I'm undeserving.   And old foe appears. One I haven't seen in many years. He grins, while a sword glints in his hands.   I was growing, sowing. Now, the accuser destroying. Ripping apart, what was my heart. Roots broken and seeds marked. … Continue reading An Old Foe Appears (Christian Poem)

Not Forgotten

Twisting turning of my stomach all insides feel pulled. Unaware of unseen truth, what will lie soon.   Anxiety, it clings to me claiming my cross to bear. Whispering its never-ending. I just sit back and stare.   Internally the battle rages within my heart's first cry. Please God above, answer me. I can't see … Continue reading Not Forgotten