“That’s Trashy!” – Sorry, I Don’t Live In A Catalog

"That's trashy," a comment I saw regarding how one wife believes countertops should be spotless. They shouldn't have anything on them. That's what other cabinet space is for. And you absolutely can have spotless countertops if your heart so desires.  Of course, it's okay to have an opinion, not like she was talking to me directly, … Continue reading “That’s Trashy!” – Sorry, I Don’t Live In A Catalog

My Sinful Dirty Towel

(Something to think about when you clean)  For those of you who are really proficient at cleaning and keeping house...you may be tempted to judge me, and I can TOTALLY understand why. You've been warned. There's one towel in our home that has not been washed for over a year...maybe...three years. I SHOULD be ashamed … Continue reading My Sinful Dirty Towel