Finding Comfort In An Empty Room

Have any of you heard the children's song, "He's still working on me?" He's still working on me. To make me what I ought to be. For the past few days, I keep hearing these lyrics over and over. I'm not sure if those are even the lyrics. But that's what I keep hearing. Saturday … Continue reading Finding Comfort In An Empty Room

The Comforter Abides In Me! (Moving Mountains)

This is not going to be my normal Thursday post. It's going to be a little lighter. For the past two weeks, I have been waking up and thinking of a song in which the chorus talks about Jesus abiding in us. I grew up in a small church and hymns were sung up into … Continue reading The Comforter Abides In Me! (Moving Mountains)

We Want His Goodness, But Not The Growth

There are some amazing and powerful songs about how God rescues us, answers us, is our Comforter, and our Strength. Everyone finds encouragement through these and the scriptures that inspire the songs. But it is hard to also understand that God's goodness is not only given to us in good times. Often we receive His … Continue reading We Want His Goodness, But Not The Growth

Comfort & Strength

It was silly to any other person, she knew it. But not to Him. The things she noticed, He cared about. The things she whispered alone in the night, He listened. Alone, yet not alone. Silent, yet always heard. She found comfort in Him. Though her heart was worn, He placed comfort and strength inside. … Continue reading Comfort & Strength

Morning Reminder | Flash Fiction

Sunlight streamed through the opened window as a slight morning breeze blew in. Standing against the sink water dripped from her hand and onto her face as she wiped her forehead. Dishes were done. It was not a typical morning for her, in fact, she hardly got up this early. But the songs of cardinals … Continue reading Morning Reminder | Flash Fiction

Midweek Inspiration | Through Drizzly Days

Edited: 01/16/2021 Today, I visited a friend of mine. It should have a fairly easy drive, but it was full of stops. Dark clouds loomed in the horizon, flashes of lightning sparked. My windshield started fogging on the outside, which even with my defroster, it refused to calm down. Then when I thought I had … Continue reading Midweek Inspiration | Through Drizzly Days