I Thought I Caused The Ripples

Over a year ago, I wrote a poem titled, "Many Ripples." There are a few statements I made I do not support and I think are misleading. I thought writing a poem covering those misconceptions would be both fun and, hopefully, clarifying. I am only stone but, I caused many ripples. That's what I used… Continue reading I Thought I Caused The Ripples

Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction · Relationship with Christ

Unwalked Path | Throwback

This is a short piece I wrote two years ago, and it's a reminder I needed. I hope for anyone who feels alone or that God is not present that this speaks to you.

Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction · Prayer · Relationship with Christ

Hears & Sees

In the midst of pain and uncertainty, My Holy King hears me. He makes the skies split. Never letting go, He holds my hand. As His roar is heard around mountains fall down. When I can't see He sees for me. (Can’t get enough posts? Check out my second blog Peeking Beneath)

Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction · Relationship with Christ

Grey Rain

Illustration #3 Black And White Atmosphere Shuddering. Shaking. Ice wind pricks the face. Holding. Rocking back and forth. Clutching my knees against the rain. Fog dampens the air around. Mist comes in as thunder roars. Grey is the sky. Grey is the clouds. Grey are those around me. Shifting. Mixing. Unreliable. Untrustworthy. Hands twitch around… Continue reading Grey Rain

Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction

Like Everyone Else

Be like a penny. Start out new and shiny. Stand out...even though you look exactly like everyone else. Everyone's value remains the same. Your inner beauty relies on vanity. There's no power. Though you might think you have some over the crowd. There's no difference. You lie to yourself.   And yet...everyone accepts the lie.… Continue reading Like Everyone Else

Prayer · Relationship with Christ

Not Forgotten

Twisting turning of my stomach all insides feel pulled. Unaware of unseen truth, what will lie soon.   Anxiety, it clings to me claiming my cross to bear. Whispering its never-ending. I just sit back and stare.   Internally the battle rages within my heart's first cry. Please God above, answer me. I can't see… Continue reading Not Forgotten