The First Dream I Recall As A Child

If you caught last week's post, I Didn’t Know Much As A Child When It Came To Jesus | Life Story you might recall I mentioned I "gave my life to Christ" when I was four. Or...well, I thought I did. See the post for more details. But as I said I think things started to … Continue reading The First Dream I Recall As A Child

God Asks What Solomon Desires In A Dream

I did not catch that God asked Solomon what he wanted in a dream before, which if you are familiar with my blog and dreams, you'll understand my surprise. Anyhow, today we are going to cover the scripture in which Solomon receives the gift of wisdom. A lot of people are familiar that Solomon was … Continue reading God Asks What Solomon Desires In A Dream

Satan Was Revealed Among Us

I couldn’t get that twisted and distorted face out of my mind! I felt greatly disturbed as I wandered out of my bedroom. Fear tempted me like it did in the night, only daylight poured from my windows. My soul craved His word! I needed the words of God to guide me. God led me … Continue reading Satan Was Revealed Among Us

Interpreting Dreams & Christian Error

Dreams carry significance as well as cryptic confusion. The Bible is clear that dreams have been used by God. (See: Why Are Dreams Used By God) However, as I stated in How To Interpret Dreams we need to go to God first before we interpret and we need to understand that dreams may not be what we think … Continue reading Interpreting Dreams & Christian Error

Why Are Dreams Used By God

(This is a longer post mainly because of a lot of scripture. Get ready to dig into the word of God!)  This post was a blogger suggestion by Tammy. You can check out her blog at God Inspired Art & Quotes. Tammy is a huge supporter of so many other bloggers. One thing we both … Continue reading Why Are Dreams Used By God

My Dream -What Does It Mean For Christians?

If you have not read the dream, I highly suggest you do only to be more familiar with what I'm talking about. Dream Details This dream had a lot of symbols and messages for followers of Christ. The post is longer than most of mine because there is so much. Please take your time and listen. … Continue reading My Dream -What Does It Mean For Christians?