What Is The Gift Of Encouragement

Encouragement is a very special spiritual gift. One that often gets hidden. One that people may feel is not "good enough." But we are all told every part of the Body of Christ (the true Church) is important. Every toe is as important as an eye. (NIV) 1 Thessalonians 4:18, "Therefore encourage one another with … Continue reading What Is The Gift Of Encouragement

When You Feel Invisible

When you feel invisible and it feels like no one is there. When you feel invisible like no one even cares.   Do you exhale a breath, as you see the sun outside? Do you see the trees dancing, not afraid to hide?   They move with a free spirit whether spring or winter. Your … Continue reading When You Feel Invisible

Dreaming Of Guatemala | Bloggers That Have Made A Difference To Me

I started this series to shine the light on those who have really helped me in my blogging journey through encouragement and inspiration.  This series idea has been on my heart for a few weeks, and the first name that always came to my mind on who should be first was Maggie.  Maggie was one … Continue reading Dreaming Of Guatemala | Bloggers That Have Made A Difference To Me

5 Christian Songs To Work Out To

I've been inspired by Shae, otherwise known as Biblebloggergirl. She has two blogs and I've linked both so check them out. 🙂 She recently had a post on songs she and her mom work out to. I am always looking for more ways to share music but trying not to bombard. I think this way … Continue reading 5 Christian Songs To Work Out To

Comfort & Strength

It was silly to any other person, she knew it. But not to Him. The things she noticed, He cared about. The things she whispered alone in the night, He listened. Alone, yet not alone. Silent, yet always heard. She found comfort in Him. Though her heart was worn, He placed comfort and strength inside. … Continue reading Comfort & Strength

Song Sunday – City Lights (Destiny Rayne)

(I think this song really speaks to Christian teen girls especially with the world we live in. When so many people want to push you down, keep holding onto Christ, everyone.) With the Fourth of July coming, I think this week's song, with its focus on lights, is convenient. I found Destiny's music on YouTube a … Continue reading Song Sunday – City Lights (Destiny Rayne)

Midweek Inspiration | Keep Strong, The Battle Is Not Over

I know some of you are going through some really tough situations right now. It's easy for our enemy to sneer at us, and try to push us into the mud. It's hard to keep fighting and believing strong. But is exactly what we must do!!! I've noticed the more I have been getting closer … Continue reading Midweek Inspiration | Keep Strong, The Battle Is Not Over

Song Sunday | All This Time (Britt Nicole)

Today's song has been one of my favorites for a little over a year, and in the next couple of weeks, we will also venture to another song from this artist in another Song Sunday because the two songs pair well together. Today's song is... All This Time, by Britt Nicole I relate to the … Continue reading Song Sunday | All This Time (Britt Nicole)

Midweek Inspiration | Keep Pressing On

Sometimes, be it the day, or the middle of the week, a reason I chose Wednesday. It's like moving forward takes so much effort. Household chores. Job. Family. Life. Dare I even add with regret prayer, scripture reading, and giving time to God? It is easy for us to become lazy, despondent, couch potatoes, and … Continue reading Midweek Inspiration | Keep Pressing On

Midweek Inspiration | Scriptures For Fear

On our community prayer request post, I've noticed some have mentioned help with fear. I too struggle with fear seeping into my heart, encouraging doubt, and making me feel helpless. So, today I want to share with you some scriptures you can use as a sword to fight back and meditate on. 1. God helps … Continue reading Midweek Inspiration | Scriptures For Fear