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Satan Was Revealed Among Us

I couldn’t get that twisted and distorted face out of my mind! I felt greatly disturbed as I wandered out of my bedroom. Fear tempted me like it did in the night, only daylight poured from my windows. My soul craved His word! I needed the words of God to guide me. God led me… Continue reading Satan Was Revealed Among Us

Bible Study

2 Samuel | David’s Song Of Praise & Coming Of Christ?

There's been war, famine, death, discord, and so much more wrapped up in the book of 2 Samuel. It's a nice and refreshing break to listen to David praise the Lord. As I read the chapter, I was very much surprised to see how this held tones of the end of times. Today's Reading |… Continue reading 2 Samuel | David’s Song Of Praise & Coming Of Christ?

Bible Study

Love Of Many Will Grow Cold

What does the love of many will grow cold mean and how does that fit with the End Of Time scriptures? DISCLAIMER For Series- These scriptures should NEVER be looked at separately in regards to what the Bible offers. To understand the core truth of these scriptures it is imperative you also study the rest… Continue reading Love Of Many Will Grow Cold