An Old Foe Appears (Christian Poem)

Shame, shame. Wrapped around and calling my name. Echoes whispering Accusing saying I'm undeserving.   And old foe appears. One I haven't seen in many years. He grins, while a sword glints in his hands.   I was growing, sowing. Now, the accuser destroying. Ripping apart, what was my heart. Roots broken and seeds marked. … Continue reading An Old Foe Appears (Christian Poem)

Where I Am Mentally & How You Can Pray For Me

I have been struggling these past few months when it comes to blogging. Originally, I thought it was burnout, but I think it might be something more. From last fall to now, God has renewed and transformed my thinking on SO many things. I've changed my thoughts on particular mindsets I used to have, and … Continue reading Where I Am Mentally & How You Can Pray For Me

Why Are We Fearful When We Have The Lord?

In the midst of COVID-19, these chapters today are such a reminder that God is bigger than what we fear and what is in the world. As today is a day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus may we be reminded that our strength is in Christ. Today's Reading: Chapter 11, 12, and 13  Chapter … Continue reading Why Are We Fearful When We Have The Lord?

Cry Out For Jesus In This Weary World

Sheltered in place. Windows are locked. Car keys on hook. Closed in.   Yet, in the stillness thoughts race. In the quiet, fear screams.   Some wonder where You are. Some think this is Your judgment. Some think conspiracy. Some ask why.   My eyes fail from searching Your word, saying, "When will You comfort … Continue reading Cry Out For Jesus In This Weary World

Desperate For Christ (Benefits Of Weakness)

How in the middle of storms can we sleep through the thunder? When everyone is struggling around us how do we have peace? In times of desperation, how do we turn to  Jesus Christ? This is following yesterday's post- Desperate For Toilet Paper (Reckless Love Of God?)  I was inspired to write about desperation after … Continue reading Desperate For Christ (Benefits Of Weakness)

Ask God To Break Down Walls

I chose the picture of my yellow lilies because the sunlight and the yellow remind me of the glory of God. I am trying to write down all of my post ideas into one place and discovered a poem/song that I did not publish last year. I was taken aback by how powerful it is, … Continue reading Ask God To Break Down Walls

Wherever I Go, He’s There

There are moments in our life that make us stand still and ponder. Moments that after they happen, we know we will always remember. Today, was one of those days.  Writing out the check for rent always makes me nervous, every single time. Actually, it is the dread that usually builds up before writing the … Continue reading Wherever I Go, He’s There

Seeing Things At Night Update – I’m Doing Better

At the beginning of summer, I shared a post in which I talked about how at night I will sometimes "see" shadows, objects, etc. It often would keep me up at night because I struggled to go to sleep. Post | My Fear In The Night (The Wolf In My Mind) In writing the post, I … Continue reading Seeing Things At Night Update – I’m Doing Better

Fear Of Letting Go Of Our Control & Letting In God

Imagine that life is like a car we drive and the road representative of our walk with Christ. The car itself is the state of our heart. Coated in the rain as we desire to be cleansed, yet, we never dry off, and therefore freeze with indecision. Lukewarmness. Our inside is freezing because we cannot … Continue reading Fear Of Letting Go Of Our Control & Letting In God

Be Angry & Do Not Sin

It's really easy for us to know what God can do for us, but it's hard to put that knowledge to faith. We must actively work toward this. David did, too. Today's Reading: Psalm Ch. 4  The Faithful Are Safe Again, David calls out to God. He thanks God for easing his stress, and he … Continue reading Be Angry & Do Not Sin