Shepherd | Meditate On Scripture

This is a series I started a little over 2 years ago, and I realized that the material had scriptures that were confusing and out of context. The way I talked about what we can focus on in some of the posts related a lot to the false teachings of a seeker driven/purpose finding nature … Continue reading Shepherd | Meditate On Scripture

Morning Reminder | Flash Fiction

Sunlight streamed through the opened window as a slight morning breeze blew in. Standing against the sink water dripped from her hand and onto her face as she wiped her forehead. Dishes were done. It was not a typical morning for her, in fact, she hardly got up this early. But the songs of cardinals … Continue reading Morning Reminder | Flash Fiction

Becoming A Christian Blogger | 5 Things You Should Know

I have had a handful of bloggers email me throughout the past months, and almost all of them dealt with blogging help. I am humbled that people feel confident enough to turn to me and ask for help. It shows me that I must be doing something right, or faking it enough to make it … Continue reading Becoming A Christian Blogger | 5 Things You Should Know

Midweek Inspiration | I Regret Nothing

(When I started writing was meant to be one thing. And then I started seeing Jesus speaking to me, so I opened my heart. I suppose this could be (my) midweek inspiration. I hope it speaks to you, too.)  He was there for everything. When I flew high He heard my cry. Rushed to … Continue reading Midweek Inspiration | I Regret Nothing

Assurance In God

I struggle as the world turns. To focus. To move. I fall when no one notices. Heartbroken, not soothed. Lord, God, You're so much better Than what I can perceive. Help my heart feel lighter. Spirit, help me to believe. My shoulders feel heavy. The burden too much. I'm weak. I'm weary. My mind battles … Continue reading Assurance In God