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Give Thanks in Everything (John MacArthur)

What corrupts the heart? What hinders us from giving thanks? Why should we give thanks? Today’s video recommendation is very convicting to say the least. Giving thanks and being thankful is essential for the Christian. (See: 5 Scriptures To Meditate On This Month | Thanksgiving) As we get closer to Thanksgiving, I hope today’s sermon… Continue reading Give Thanks in Everything (John MacArthur)

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Discernment | God’s Will for Your Life

Discernment is one of those words you often hear thrown around in Christian circles, but what does discernment really mean? Are we merely using our feelings, our intuitions, to discern something? In the past, I used to think discernment was merely a spiritual gift and not everyone would have discernment. I realize now, through scripture,… Continue reading Discernment | God’s Will for Your Life

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The Door of Darkness (Christian Poem)

It was a beautiful door.Expensive wood. Carved features. A mind that understood. The door called.It beckoned.It glowed. It welcomed. The words it would sing. Sweet. Soft. Gentle. Words that delighted the soulyetmelted the marrow. I never noticed before.How it alwaysopened to another door. Going from woodto metal. Less beautiful,the effects more internal. The doors became… Continue reading The Door of Darkness (Christian Poem)

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Sunshine In The Heart (Charles Spurgeon)

Spurgeon is one of my favorite Reformers. He has a ton of powerful quotes, and more importantly, they give glory and credit to God. Listening to this one was definitely a blessing in timing. Spurgeon makes the point that the spirit God places within us delights in Him. The human nature is what struggles to… Continue reading Sunshine In The Heart (Charles Spurgeon)

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What Are You Exposing Your Eyes To & Planning In Your Heart?

Let me just say, there is NO "personal" conviction needed for what is discussed in today's post. If you struggle with these things and are exposing yourself to these things, it is sin! Period. No conviction needed. Seek Jesus and His Spirit FOR CONVICTION if you think you can expose yourself to media with sexual… Continue reading What Are You Exposing Your Eyes To & Planning In Your Heart?

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Obsessive & Intrusive Thoughts | The Medicine Not Talked About

Updated: Jan. 5, 2022- Edited a few sentences, added resources. In the last post, I explained how I felt like I had blasphemed the Holy Spirit and what had happened prior to that moment.  Confess With Your Mouth I was afraid to read about when the men blasphemed Christ. We should never avoid scripture, even… Continue reading Obsessive & Intrusive Thoughts | The Medicine Not Talked About

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Does It Really Matter That Cain Sacrificed Plants?

I see people have strong opinions about this. "Plants are hard to grow and take time." "He didn't offer a blood sacrifice." Who's right? And...does this argument really matter? Please feel free to disagree with me 🙂 I bring this up because I've heard both sides and have been engaged in both conversations. But there… Continue reading Does It Really Matter That Cain Sacrificed Plants?

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A Plant In The Window | Midweek Inspiration

I'm a plant in the window. I see all kinds of things. From rainstorms to snow to butterfly wings.   People pass my window. Aloft inside their head. Faces stuck into phones. Hands clenched in dread.   I grow from the sunlight. From the Healer's kind hand. Yet these same people have it but refuse… Continue reading A Plant In The Window | Midweek Inspiration


Are We Too Confident In Ourselves?

We should never pride ourselves on what God has granted to us. Our abilities. Our gifts. Our knowledge. As much as each one can be used for His glory, to further His kingdom, and to draw us closer to Him, they could easily become a problem. Not because of God, but because of us. We… Continue reading Are We Too Confident In Ourselves?