Choosing Light or Darkness |If You Haven’t Seen It

Originally written July 2016 Your Fault Scratches grow new on your wrist. Imprints of chains cut into flesh. Demonic spirits blend their voices into your own, blinding you to the truth. “This failure is your fault.” “You aren’t worth it.” “You can’t change.” “No one loves you.” Thick poison continues to seep through every thought. … Continue reading Choosing Light or Darkness |If You Haven’t Seen It

Hope | Five Scriptures To Cling To

One of the first times I saw a quote about hope, I was a young teen. I had a calendar picture that said, "Hope is wishing for something to happen, and faith is believing for it to come true."  I believe hope in Christ is stronger than simply wishing. But it certainly pushes us forward. … Continue reading Hope | Five Scriptures To Cling To

The Lamp Post | Flash Fiction

(I was not planning on writing today. But as I was worshipping God I kept having this strong scene in my mind, and I just had to write a piece on the message. I hope it speaks to you.) Raindrops fall down my face against the darkening skies. Sunset had not appeared. It vanished before … Continue reading The Lamp Post | Flash Fiction

Song Sunday | Let Go (Barlowgirl)

Barlowgirl has been one of my favorite bands since my early teenage years. I found them after I found the band Superchic, which wrote a song (very retro feel) about the Barlowgirl sisters and how they chose to remain virgins till marriage against a world of seduction and sexual pressure on teens. Today's song, in particular, … Continue reading Song Sunday | Let Go (Barlowgirl)

Midweek Inspiration | Child Of The Clouds

Sunlight streams through me. Rainbows dance below. I soar under His wing a child of the clouds.   Up here I am not burdened. Lightened by the weightless journey. Flying high within the sky. I am a child of the clouds.   Yet storms roll in and I become afraid. I seek His wing, but … Continue reading Midweek Inspiration | Child Of The Clouds

Community Spotlight | May ’18

*This isn't meant to make anyone feel like they need to be on this list. There are a lot of awesome posts I've read that I do not always share, and that does not mean the posts not listed were bad.   These are the posts that spoke to me in the month of May. Efua- … Continue reading Community Spotlight | May ’18

Song Sunday | Sound Of Surviving (Nichole Nordeman)

It's easy for people to load burdens upon our shoulders. For life to take its toll and for us to fall down. But yet, we are to pull through, and not give up. Which is what today's song is all about. Sound Of Surviving- By Nichole Nordeman Beginning with people not believing us and telling … Continue reading Song Sunday | Sound Of Surviving (Nichole Nordeman)