Are You Praying… For Your Nation?

I don't know why it wasn't until this year I really thought about the importance of praying for my nation daily. In fact, not just for my nation but all countries around the world. The Bride of Christ is scattered everywhere. There are many people who are in danger for their faith in Jesus Christ. Many… Continue reading Are You Praying… For Your Nation?


Are You Fasting…At All?

Lent tends to be a time people fast but are you aware scripture encourages fasting throughout our life? This is slightly inspired by my prayer series which started with Are You Praying… At All? Are you fasting at all, and if you are, for what reasons do you fast, how do you spend that time fasting? … Continue reading Are You Fasting…At All?

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5 Things We Need To Stop Doing To Other Bloggers

We shouldn't be a stumbling block, but we're not perfect. It is important we are aware of what we are saying and doing especially in how we reach out to others The world encourages us as bloggers to be focused often on the wrong things and Christian bloggers follow advice that is not Christlike. This… Continue reading 5 Things We Need To Stop Doing To Other Bloggers

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How To Meditate On Scripture

Update: Edits added on 08/11/2020. Sadly, I had some seeker driver and purpose finding ideas in this post, and those needed to be edited out with better clarification.  If for anyone else, this question was for me. I was not familiar with the words meditate and scripture being together. Pour over scripture, yes. But after… Continue reading How To Meditate On Scripture