Pride Of Finger-Pointing At Church

Finger-pointing at church is hypocrisy at its best and it consumes everyone involved. As I write a more in-depth post on church for tomorrow, I couldn't help but share this piece that didn't fit the post.  We often use a church building, a singular place of gathering, as a crutch. We sometimes isolate ourselves from … Continue reading Pride Of Finger-Pointing At Church

We Live In A “Woe Is Me” Passive Aggressive Society

The world wants us to feel justified in our pain. I'm not talking about understanding when people hurt us, it is wrong. I'm talking about grudges, bitterness, anger, and reliving our pain over and over again. It not only hurts us, but it creates a monster inside. One full of passive aggression, barriers galore, and … Continue reading We Live In A “Woe Is Me” Passive Aggressive Society