Pride Of Finger-Pointing At Church

Finger-pointing at church is hypocrisy at its best and it consumes everyone involved. As I write a more in-depth post on church for tomorrow, I couldn't help but share this piece that didn't fit the post.  We often use a church building, a singular place of gathering, as a crutch. We sometimes isolate ourselves from… Continue reading Pride Of Finger-Pointing At Church


We Live In A “Woe Is Me” Passive Aggressive Society

The world wants us to feel justified in our pain. I'm not talking about understanding when people hurt us, it is wrong. I'm talking about grudges, bitterness, anger, and reliving our pain over and over again. It not only hurts us, but it creates a monster inside. One full of passive aggression, barriers galore, and… Continue reading We Live In A “Woe Is Me” Passive Aggressive Society

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Are We “Really” A Christian Or A Fallen Believer?

The world likes tossing around the term "Christian" but the truth is, most people do not know what that word means. Believing in God and Jesus Christ is NOT what being a Christian means. Having "faith" does not make you a Christian. Accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior does not mean you are… Continue reading Are We “Really” A Christian Or A Fallen Believer?

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Church Has Become An Idol Pt. 2 | Self-Fulfillment

I was debating on when to post this either today, Friday, or for next week's Thursday, but I feel it's good to have the second part closely tied behind.  I'm really happy on the responses I've received already to Pt. 1 Church Has Become An Idol | Appearance I want to just do a little recap… Continue reading Church Has Become An Idol Pt. 2 | Self-Fulfillment

Song Sunday

Song Sunday | Oh, Lord (NF)

We are going to begin the new year with a very thought-provoking song. "Oh Lord, " by NF This song I found around April or so last year. When I started this series, I knew it would be a good song to use at the beginning of the year. With our focus on starting new,… Continue reading Song Sunday | Oh, Lord (NF)


We Can’t Be Passionate Christians

Just wanted to add this quick note. This post is NOT referring to the positives of having passion, especially when referring to being zealous for Christ. Rather, this post is to focus on critical reasons of why are we being passionate, and the unfortunate reason in most cases.  Quite a title right? I asked my mom… Continue reading We Can’t Be Passionate Christians

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Prompted From Self & Not God To Rebuke Another

I continually push back the post, "What is Faith | Believer 101." One day I will write it, but this is the third week something else has been pressed upon me to write. In fact, what I am writing now, clearly was not the first idea (see above) and no, it wasn't the second idea… Continue reading Prompted From Self & Not God To Rebuke Another