My Mom Taught Me The Resurrection Using Cookies

Recently, I have been reflecting on something my mom used to do when I was little. The night before Easter she would illustrate Jesus' arrest, flogging, dying on the cross, and His resurrection with cookies. I don't actually have many memories regarding the process of making the cookies. But I do have some glimpses of … Continue reading My Mom Taught Me The Resurrection Using Cookies

Jesus Burned My House | Flash Fiction

My Lord, one day, walked into my temple. It was more like an old shack. Broken wooden floors and windows. My King, the most mighty of all, knelt down on His knees and began washing my feet. The howls of wolves echoed outside in the cold night. He got up and walked over to the … Continue reading Jesus Burned My House | Flash Fiction

Fear Of Letting Go Of Our Control & Letting In God

Imagine that life is like a car we drive and the road representative of our walk with Christ. The car itself is the state of our heart. Coated in the rain as we desire to be cleansed, yet, we never dry off, and therefore freeze with indecision. Lukewarmness. Our inside is freezing because we cannot … Continue reading Fear Of Letting Go Of Our Control & Letting In God

Like Everyone Else

Be like a penny. Start out new and shiny. Stand out...even though you look exactly like everyone else. Everyone's value remains the same. Your inner beauty relies on vanity. There's no power. Though you might think you have some over the crowd. There's no difference. You lie to yourself.   And yet...everyone accepts the lie. … Continue reading Like Everyone Else

I Deserve This Pain

Illustration #1 Chained Home Darkness weighs upon my shoulders. Musky air mingles against my sweat soaked skin. Chains restrain my ankles. Kneeling on my knees, clinking of metal around my wrists echoes. I try to break free. Only to realize a few inches is my only freedom. Head bent forward. Wet hair clings to my … Continue reading I Deserve This Pain