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Christ’s Connection to the Armor of God in the Old Testament

Growing up, I used to listen to a song about the armor of God. The song made the point in order to know wrong from right and to be able to go out in battle, we must prepare with the armor of God. Okay, sounds good. I’m sure many of you are familiar with studies,… Continue reading Christ’s Connection to the Armor of God in the Old Testament

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Our Direction Comes From God

From where does our help come from? Today we are going to continue the thought we began last week. What does it mean to rely upon the Lord? Psalm 62:01-02 says - For God alone my soul waits in silence; from him comes my salvation. He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress;… Continue reading Our Direction Comes From God

Christian Poetry/Flash Fiction

You Are I AM (Christian Poem)

Lord, I have this hamster wheelinside my head. I keep staying still. Moving, but never moving.Like something is always at my heel.How can I let go? Can You open these clenched hands? Even when I am strugglingYou are I AM.Even when I can’t feelYou are I AM. So many timesI forget. I’m not running to… Continue reading You Are I AM (Christian Poem)

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Pick A Side | Easter Posts

Last year I started rounding up various posts I’ve had on holiday topics. Easter/Resurrection Day will be coming up next month, and I will be starting to cover topics that relate to Resurrection Day. If you are new here, I’ve been blogging since about 2016. My views on Christianity changed quite a bit in 2020,… Continue reading Pick A Side | Easter Posts

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5 Scriptures to Meditate On | Sanctification

Be holy. Be sanctified. I grew up focused on these two things. We should absolutely see the importance of holiness and sanctification. However, we need to understand how both relate to Jesus. I struggled understanding the importance of the Gospel and how Christ sanctifies us. Overly focused on my works, I missed out on giving… Continue reading 5 Scriptures to Meditate On | Sanctification

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Prayer: Remind Me Who You Are

Sometimes I think Christians can get this reversed. We prefer to know who we are over being reminded of Who God is. There’s nothing wrong in understanding who we are in Christ, please do not misunderstand. But what I am saying is that we cannot understand who we are in Christ, if we do not… Continue reading Prayer: Remind Me Who You Are

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How Do We Pick Up The Sword of the Spirit?

Often in the past, I was a solider with no armor. I remember the times I struggled with a particular sin and I would always wait right up until the temptation became the most intense and that’s when I tried to fight back. I was a fool walking into a war. I refused to really… Continue reading How Do We Pick Up The Sword of the Spirit?

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What is Heavenly Wisdom?

For so long I sought the Lord everywhere except in His word. I felt so distant from Him unless I had experiences, symbols, or dreams. While I read scripture it was not often or with the proper understanding of context. But if you want like to hear my full testimony you can here. See: My… Continue reading What is Heavenly Wisdom?

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Christ: The Hope of Glory

I have to admit something to you. I struggle having eyes focused on eternity every moment of every day. Often, I find myself just living the moment for right now. However, we are given so much more than today’s moment. For those who have put their faith in Jesus Christ, my dear sister, there is… Continue reading Christ: The Hope of Glory

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The Lovingkindness of God, Loved by God (R. C. Sproul)

The Lord keeps His word even in a dark and sinful world. What does lovingkindness mean and how we can learn from it? In today’s video pick, R. C. Sproul breaks down the word lovingkindness. He goes over the story of Hosea and how the names of Hosea’s children relate to what was happening with… Continue reading The Lovingkindness of God, Loved by God (R. C. Sproul)