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Jesus Before Pilate (R. C. Sproul)

Before the resurrection, there was an arrest, a trial, flogging, beatings, and a crucifixion. Today, R. C. Sproul breaks down Mark 15:01-15. He points out 4 things that occurred during the discussion between Pilate and Jesus, among some ironies we find in scripture. Mark 15:01-15In the Apostle’s Creed, all 3 Persons of the Trinity are… Continue reading Jesus Before Pilate (R. C. Sproul)

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Faithfulness Through Suffering (Voddie Baucham)

How can we suffer in this world as a Christian? What makes this suffering different than other suffering in the world? Today’s sermon pick by Voddie Baucham explores 2 Timothy and a message that Paul encourages Timothy with. A message that to the world who does not know Christ could not understand nor find the… Continue reading Faithfulness Through Suffering (Voddie Baucham)

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Christ Perfect & Perfected | Importance of Understanding His Humanity 

  I am so excited to share this post today. The perfection of Christ and how HIs second nature of humanity being perfected on the cross was never something I was familiar with growing up. I never thought deeply about Christ having two natures, both the God nature and then adding the humanity nature to… Continue reading Christ Perfect & Perfected | Importance of Understanding His Humanity 

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What Is It Gonna Take? (Christian Song)

I thought I was past this. This mire and tears. And here I’m standing going no where. I thought I believedI thought that I had faith. But darkness comesand seems to have its way. What is it gonna takefor me to see? What is it gonna taketo see Your Sovereignty? What is it gonna take… Continue reading What Is It Gonna Take? (Christian Song)

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Fall From My Eyes (Christian Poem)

Darkness surrounds me,but I think it’s light. My eyes are blind,but I think I see clearly. Whispers bite me.Accusation sinks in. But I love condemnation. It’s my truth. The pain makes me alive. Fear is my veins. Toxic lies are my tonic. Black is my white. Dirt is pure. Blemish is clean. Muck is my… Continue reading Fall From My Eyes (Christian Poem)

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Movies And Shows I Won’t Watch or Regret Watching (Natasia Grace)

Talk about a hot button issue. As soon as we touch territory that relates to Christian liberty, people tend to go one way or the other. Either, you can watch a lot or you shouldn’t watch a lot. I err on the latter, for me personally. But I know it’s possible people can watch media… Continue reading Movies And Shows I Won’t Watch or Regret Watching (Natasia Grace)

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The Danger of Misjudging God (Tom Ascol)

“What you think God is like is the most determinate factor for the kind of person you will be.” - Tom Ascol Psalm 50 - is the focus today. Why God cares for us to take the considerations of Him seriously? What we believe about God matters, it shapes us. Nations are affected. The way… Continue reading The Danger of Misjudging God (Tom Ascol)

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Did I Commit The Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit / Unpardonable Sin?

There is such an intense fear for the one who believes he or she has committed the unpardonable sin. I used to struggle with this fear myself. And I know many of my readers either want to learn more about the topic, they are afraid of a moment they denounced God/Jesus, or they are terrified… Continue reading Did I Commit The Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit / Unpardonable Sin?

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How To Mediate On God’s Word (The Right Way) & Why It’s Important

Meditation is required of the Christian. Unfortunately, there are a lot of false teachings that encourage meditation in a sinful manner. If we do not understand meditation properly, then we can be misled. Last year, I did a series on Christian Mysticism. 1. Should We Use Our Emotions As Truth? | What Is Emotionalism?2. Contemplative Prayer/Spirituality… Continue reading How To Mediate On God’s Word (The Right Way) & Why It’s Important

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Introducing New Series | Bite-Sized

I write about a lot of topics that require an in-depth look. Especially regarding false teachings, I want to help people think critically about what the word of God says compared to what those masked as followers of Christ say compared to what the world says. What we often see are wolves in sheep’s clothing… Continue reading Introducing New Series | Bite-Sized