My Confirmation Became My Conviction

(Edited 12/10/2020) I needed to know I was right in situations. I needed to know people were wrong about what they did and what they said. But once I knew the truth and was freed, I then grew too confident that I didn't have struggles of my own I needed to work on. Sometimes in … Continue reading My Confirmation Became My Conviction

We Want His Goodness, But Not The Growth

There are some amazing and powerful songs about how God rescues us, answers us, is our Comforter, and our Strength. Everyone finds encouragement through these and the scriptures that inspire the songs. But it is hard to also understand that God's goodness is not only given to us in good times. Often we receive His … Continue reading We Want His Goodness, But Not The Growth

Alphabet Devotional | “L”

It has happened. We have reached the halfway mark. 🙂 🙂 !!! Last week we covered the letter, "K," and here are the words you came up with. Victoria Read said, "King – Jesus is the king of kings, and Lord of Lords. And, unlike earthly kings, Jesus is the perfect King. He rules with … Continue reading Alphabet Devotional | “L”