What Are We “Fastening” Ourselves To?

One late morning, as other late mornings before me, I made coffee for my husband and myself. After bringing him his cup, I settled down in the kitchen with my Bible and began to do my daily reading for that day. An hour or so later, my husband enters the kitchen, "My coffee is cold," … Continue reading What Are We “Fastening” Ourselves To?

My Journey With Christ | Christian Poem

When my mind wanders as it had before. When the whispers linger right at my heart's door.   When the floor felt like it would fall beneath me. When my world shattered You were there for me.   You stood by when the witches appeared. You heard my cries when I was torn down inside. … Continue reading My Journey With Christ | Christian Poem

Hidden Pride (My Struggle With Validation)

Validation. It's a struggle I've had since a preteen. When I had little self-esteem in myself feeling validated felt REALLY good. Praise. Admiration. You name it. Pride & Humility Unfortunately feeling validated doesn't give us self-esteem or confidence. We are always going to want more. As I slowly began to gain my self-esteem back and … Continue reading Hidden Pride (My Struggle With Validation)

Desperate For Christ (Benefits Of Weakness)

How in the middle of storms can we sleep through the thunder? When everyone is struggling around us how do we have peace? In times of desperation, how do we turn to  Jesus Christ? This is following yesterday's post- Desperate For Toilet Paper (Reckless Love Of God?)  I was inspired to write about desperation after … Continue reading Desperate For Christ (Benefits Of Weakness)

We Are Like Bread Dough & God Is The Kneader

It's probably helpful to note that I am NOT the best when it comes to making bread dough. In fact, it is STILL a learning process for me. I attempted a few times last year and just gave up because I didn't want to waste more flour and supplies. This year I decided to make … Continue reading We Are Like Bread Dough & God Is The Kneader

How Do I Talk About Christ More On My Blog?

When I started blogging, even up to a few months ago, I really didn't understand how people could weave in scripture with their life posts so well. What mystical powers were they secretly wielding? If my life story had Christ originally part of it I would share it on my blog. But things like crocheting … Continue reading How Do I Talk About Christ More On My Blog?

God Is Crafting Me Like My Granny Square Blanket

STAB! "Ouch!" PRICK!  "OUCH!" Welcome to a late-night session on my living room floor. My project is a granny square blanket that I started last fall. Multiple granny squares, various patterns, and colors all laid out. Ready to be attached. All which had to be hand sewn in. I had been pretty careful with the … Continue reading God Is Crafting Me Like My Granny Square Blanket