Interpreting Dreams & Christian Error

Dreams carry significance as well as cryptic confusion. The Bible is clear that dreams have been used by God. (See: Why Are Dreams Used By God) However, as I stated in How To Interpret Dreams we need to go to God first before we interpret and we need to understand that dreams may not be what we think… Continue reading Interpreting Dreams & Christian Error

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How To Interpret Dreams

When someone has a dream and wonders what it means, do they come to us or do we come to them? Where do we seek answers? I can't tell you the number of times someone has asked me what I think of their dream, and I do not pray first. It's tempting to jump in… Continue reading How To Interpret Dreams


How To Focus On The True Meaning Of Easter This Season

The true meaning of Easter is not a one-day deal just like Christmas is not a one-day deal either. Not for the life of a believer. Post | Positives Of Christmas When Focused On Christ Now, again, I'm not encouraging anyone to celebrate Easter. I know there are believers who do not celebrate Easter or Christmas,… Continue reading How To Focus On The True Meaning Of Easter This Season

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Gospel Journey | John Preached Baptism of Repentance

Previously we looked at why Christ is referred to as the Word, and why He became flesh. Through Him, we receive mercy, truth, and grace. But this is because we have received the fulfillment of His death and resurrection. John the Baptist was preparing people to understand this, and this is where we will start… Continue reading Gospel Journey | John Preached Baptism of Repentance

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Gospel Journey | Christ Is God, Word Became Flesh, Purpose of John

The Word was in the beginning. Today, I think is a really special passage to go over. It is a complicated one for some. Before understanding what John was proclaiming in the desert, as prophesied, it is important to understand Christ. We are given a clear picture of God's love and Christ's existence in chapter… Continue reading Gospel Journey | Christ Is God, Word Became Flesh, Purpose of John


Importance Of Christ’s Birth

I completely understand why some do not celebrate Christmas. That is definitely not the focus of this post. Rather, this is just something to think about. The only issue that I've found from some comments and discussions I've read is some (more than others) show more opposition when it comes to the topic of Christ's… Continue reading Importance Of Christ’s Birth



Truth. What is the meaning of truth? Truth means actuality. That no matter what the majority has deemed to be real or not, there is still an ultimate truth. Even if hidden away, truth does not wait to be uncovered. It simply is. Instead, it is us who either seek it out or choose deceit.… Continue reading Truth