Light | Meditate On Scripture

Edited (08/12/2020)- The purpose of this series is to meditate on scripture in its proper context. This is an older series that I've changed the title to. I've edited the scripture to meditate on, how to meditate on it, and a little of how to pray over the scripture.  Meditate- To ponder or contemplate.  Scripture … Continue reading Light | Meditate On Scripture

Godly Love| Meditate On Scripture

Edited 08/12/2020- This is an older series I am bringing up. I have changed the past title. The purpose is to focus on scripture and not take it out of context. Most of this post had been edited. Meditate- to contemplate or ponder Scripture To Meditate On- (NIV) 1 Peter 1:22, "Now that you have purified … Continue reading Godly Love| Meditate On Scripture

Shepherd | Meditate On Scripture

This is a series I started a little over 2 years ago, and I realized that the material had scriptures that were confusing and out of context. The way I talked about what we can focus on in some of the posts related a lot to the false teachings of a seeker driven/purpose finding nature … Continue reading Shepherd | Meditate On Scripture

Psalm | Help In Trouble

I thought the Bible Summary might be more interesting if four books are covered in the month. So each week will be a different book. The Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke & John), 2 Samuel, Psalm, and Proverbs. Introduction To Psalm: It is called "Psalm" but it contains many songs inside. The book of Psalms contains the … Continue reading Psalm | Help In Trouble

Am I… With God?

The question could be asked of anything we do. When I study the Bible (original inspiration for the post) am I studying with Him? When we pray...are we talking to Him? When we it to Him? Is He involved? Are we actively making Him involved? Any act we do that is meant to make … Continue reading Am I… With God?

Accomplishments Becoming An Idol

I recently got a new phone, and one of the apps I added was the Bible App. You may be familiar with it. I just wanted an app that I could access the Bible on my phone for. And I've heard people praise this app. They do have a scripture of the day picked out, … Continue reading Accomplishments Becoming An Idol

Someday You Will Understand | April ’18 Scripture

I have to say, these past month scriptures God has used to speak to me in many ways. This scripture connects to the past few about trusting God's timing. Following Easter, it seems fitting that this month's scripture is... (NIV) John 13:07, "Jesus replied, "You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you … Continue reading Someday You Will Understand | April ’18 Scripture

My Rock, My Sword, My Shield| March ’18 Scripture

There was a song I was introduced to from my Little Rock church family. The song was called, "I'm gonna praise His name." There's a lyric that says, "My rock. My sword. My shield," and when I found this scripture I was reminded of this song. 🙂 (NIV) 2 Samuel 22:02-04, "He said: "The LORD … Continue reading My Rock, My Sword, My Shield| March ’18 Scripture

Trials Will Lead To Peace | February ’18 Community Scripture

There have been a couple of different scriptures bouncing around my mind to pick for this month. But one night, as I was reading, there was a section of scripture that really spoke to me, and I knew I needed to have it for this month. Of course, as things tend to happen when God picks … Continue reading Trials Will Lead To Peace | February ’18 Community Scripture