Cutting Toxic Friends | He Heals My Brokenness {Blog Tag}

When Maggie from Dreaming Of Guatemala let me know she not only created a new tag, but nominated me, too, I was beyond excited! When I got to the post and found out what it was, I was even more excited! Maggie is wonderful, and she is a Christian Life Style blogger. She'll cover routines, … Continue reading Cutting Toxic Friends | He Heals My Brokenness {Blog Tag}

Mystery Blogger Award

The lovely Brittany has nominated me for the Mystery Blogger Award. You guys need check out Brittany, if you haven't already. Especially, if you like *fashion *body/face products *mental health *physical health (She also LOVES Christmas like me)  She is so positive, engaging in the community, and I'm so thankful to have gotten to become friends with … Continue reading Mystery Blogger Award

TheCramm Award

I am behind on blogger award nominations. For those of you who have kept up, this month, in general, has been hectic. Praying for answers, getting answers, and moving forward. There is still so much to do after we get back to our home state. That being said, I've wanted to get to the nominations … Continue reading TheCramm Award